Web Browsers

Zero-day exploit hits Java – should you just turn it off?

The flaw in the ubiquitous programming language is being exploited with the Poison Ivy RAT from servers in China and might not be patched until October.

Challenge.gov tops 200 competitions in two years

More than 16,000 citizen "solvers" have taken part as the project reaches challenge No. 201.

Could Yahoo's Axis change the way you browse the Web?

The new plug-in, for use with any major browser, can enhance search, but it might fall short of being revolutionary.

Targeted attacks exploiting Flash flaw; Adobe issues fix

Current exploit in the wild targets IE for Windows, but Mac, Linux and Android also vulnerable.

Why Google's SPDY is none too swift

Google wants to replace the venerable Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the more efficient SPDY standard, but corporate rivalries may slow things down.

DOE offers $100K for best energy-saving apps

The Energy Department has set up a contest to reward developers who write the best apps for maintaining energy savings and awareness among consumers.

Playing well with Windows 8: Will other browsers work with the new OS?

Mozilla and Google say they are building Windows 8-enabled browsers, and Opera Software is looking into the possibility, too. Still, it may not be as easy as with previous Windows operating systems thanks to Microsoft's new "Metro" user interface.

Chrome succumbs to Pwn2Own hacks, issues patch

Google's Chrome Web browser fell to multiple exploits March 7 at CanSecWest security conference's Pwn2Own contest, ending its two-year winning streak at the hacker contest.

A self-healing network and other new technology for government

Federal officials and industry representatives got together at AFCEA's Emerging Technology Symposium to go over the latest tools.

What's wrong with SOPA: Here's one example

Wikipedia's dark pages show what a world with SOPA and PIPA would be like.

IE updates to become automated

Microsoft has announced that it will automatically update users' Internet Explorer to the latest version their operating system can support.

10 terrible technology blunders of 2011

These people and technologies made headlines for all the wrong reasons.