Web Strategies

4 search engine snags and their satisfying solutions

Users have a hard time finding government information on the Web. Remedying the situation requires a mix of technical and information design skills.

Are 1,000 federal websites really a waste?

The administration's plans to shut down wasteful federal websites has already claimed the Fiddling Foresters, but are there 999 more like it?

IP traffic to explode, and most of it will be wireless, study says

Global IP traffic will approach the zettabyte range by 2015, and wireless systems will carry a majority of the load, according to a Cisco report.

HHS sets data free, public reaps the benefits

The Health and Human Services Department has been pushing out its data in recent months and the results have sparked innovation and helped consumers, Chief Technology Officer Todd Park said at a new media conference.

Treasury builds its new website in the cloud

Treasury.gov brings the agency to the cloud and integrates many new features of Gov. 2.0 and is a step forward in using new technologies to improve efficiency and transparency.

NOAA rescues Civil War-era coastal charts, now available online

Rescue project makes historical collection of U.S. coastal charts available online in searchable NOAA database.

National Archives puts 3,000 historic documents online

The National Archives and Records Administration debuts an online repository of historic documents, such as George Washington's handwritten draft of the U.S. Constitution.

Army launches 'don't ask, don't tell' inbox

The intent of the inbox is to help the Army assess and consider whether repeal of the law would reduce operational readiness or unit cohesion.

How long will cloud's reality trail the hype?

True believers see it as the future. Detractors call for caution. But what do they both agree on?

GSA boldly goes where no agency has gone before

Agency's effort to put its e-mail onto a privately owned cloud moves government cloud initiatives into uncharted territory.

The dirty dozen: 12 bad government Web sites

While many governments and agencies have been striving to make their Web sites more up-to-date and accessible, some remain shocking examples of bad user experience.

Tricare extends Web-based mental health counseling demo

The Tricare Assistance Program allows enrollees to use the Internet and a webcam to speak "face-to-face" with mental health counselors 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the privacy of the beneficiary's computer.

NTIA seeks help in meeting open government mandates

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is looking for a contractor to build content management and social networking Web sites in its effort to become more open and transparent.

What Microsoft, Adobe and other tech leaders want from government CTOs

Technologists also discuss role in security, spurring innovation and how the industry can help lead the U.S. economy out of the recession.

Social networking — and its risks — are exploding in enterprise networks

The challenge of the explosive growth of social networking apps is that many can expose an organization's network to new forms of risks, according to a new report.

State's games aim to teach Middle Eastern youth about U.S. culture

The State Department is experimenting with role-playing games for mobile devices to pursue its public diplomacy agenda.

CAIMR takes on the many facets of identity management

The Center for Applied Identity Management Research, an organization of industry, academic and government representatives, is building a road map for improving how we determine just who we are and who we are dealing with when online.