Windows 7

5 keyboard shortcuts you won't find in Windows 8

The new Microsoft OS will kill some shortcuts you might be used to, but it's not all bad.

Bitter end: XP users grudgingly give way to Win 7

Many rejected Vista and resisted Windows 7; what will they make of Windows 8?

Microsoft issues fix for XML flaw targeted in zero-day attacks

The patch for the XML Core Services flaw doesn't yet cover every version, but it does cover the version being attacked.

Patch Tuesday could address XML zero-day flaw

Microsoft will issue nine bulletins in its July 10 security patch release, three of them rated critical. One could be for a vulnerability in XML Core Services that is being actively exploited.

Windows 8's new look makes sense, if you can take the shock

The tablet- and touch screen-friendly interface in the Consumer Preview might be familiar to Windows Phone users, but for everyone else, you're not in Kansas anymore.

Was Windows RDP code leak an inside job?

Hackers may have had the jump on Microsoft even as it released a "critical" patch for a Windows Remote Desktop Protocol flaw in March. Five million machines could be exposed.

Microsoft issues patch for serious RDP flaw

Company recommends quick action on the vulnerability, which could leave systems open to fast-spreading worms.

Microsoft's March security bulletin to tackle six vulnerabilities

Microsoft's monthly security update will feature six items -- one labeled "critical," four "important" and one moderate.

New Windows logo adopts Metro style

Microsoft's reveal and explanation of how it devised its new logo for Windows 8 is bringing us one step closer to the new operating system.

February Patch Tuesday update gives the gift of security

While this month's Patch Tuesday will land on Valentine's Day, Microsoft will be delivering nine not-so-sweet security fixes.

Be the mouse: Kinect for Windows has arrived

Microsoft's motion-sensor peripheral, originally created for the Xbox 360, is now available for Windows-based PCs, and it could change how we interact with computers forever.

AT&T shows off Windows Phone-powered HTC Titan II at CES

According to AT&T, the phone carrier will carry the HTC Titan II with the Windows Phone operating system in the next few months.

Microsoft rings in 2012 with 7 security patches

January's Security Update from Microsoft, arriving Jan. 10, will feature six fixes for Windows and one fix for Microsoft developer tools.

Microsoft bids farewell to Consumer Electronics Show

Next month's Consumer Electronics Show will be the last for Microsoft, the company announced Dec. 21.

IE updates to become automated

Microsoft has announced that it will automatically update users' Internet Explorer to the latest version their operating system can support.

Nokia Windows smart phones to debut in US

Nokia and partner T-mobile are banking on the 150 million people in the United States who haven't upgraded their cell phones as they gear up to release the first Nokia smart phone in the nation Jan. 11.

Windows 8 to appease users with fewer reboots

Microsoft says it has addressed one of the biggest pet peeves of Windows users, the amount of mandatory restarts, in its latest operating system. But just how much of a difference will there be?