Windows 8

Upgrade or die: Old vulnerabilities are prime targets

Research at Fortinet confirms that old vulnerabilities are the most exploited. You might want to consider replacing XP with Windows 8, or at least 7.

How Windows 8 gets in the games

The new OS provides an easy connection to Xbox Live, though that might not be popular with network admins.

5 keyboard shortcuts you won't find in Windows 8

The new Microsoft OS will kill some shortcuts you might be used to, but it's not all bad.

Bitter end: XP users grudgingly give way to Win 7

Many rejected Vista and resisted Windows 7; what will they make of Windows 8?

Will Windows 8 work in the government enterprise?

What are agencies looking for in the forthcoming OS, which is designed for both tablets and desktops/laptops? You tell us.

Microsoft’s an ideal tool for telecommuters

More than simply replacing Hotmail, the service puts just about every working function you need into one place.

Windows 8: A secure OS for government?

Security in the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system beats previous releases by “leaps and bounds,” according to researchers at the Black Hat Briefings.

Tablets with PC power: The Microsoft vs. Apple debate

Apple's CEO doesn't think people want powerful PC/tablet hybrids, but we think they do.

Windows 8 a step forward in security, researcher says

A researcher examining early releases of Microsoft's new operating system says Windows 8 makes it harder to exploit vulnerabilities.

Windows 8's new look makes sense, if you can take the shock

The tablet- and touch screen-friendly interface in the Consumer Preview might be familiar to Windows Phone users, but for everyone else, you're not in Kansas anymore.

Windows 8 to arrive on 32 new tablets?

Microsoft and Intel take aim at the iPad, with 32 new Windows 8 tablets expected to be released this year, according to a report.

Playing well with Windows 8: Will other browsers work with the new OS?

Mozilla and Google say they are building Windows 8-enabled browsers, and Opera Software is looking into the possibility, too. Still, it may not be as easy as with previous Windows operating systems thanks to Microsoft's new "Metro" user interface.

Microsoft issues patch for serious RDP flaw

Company recommends quick action on the vulnerability, which could leave systems open to fast-spreading worms.

Big data deal: Microsoft aiming for Hadoop interoperability

Microsoft is aiming to make its Windows and other tools interoperable with Apache Hadoop, a key framework for agencies pursuing big data.

Windows 8 and its power-saving promise

More details are emerging about the power-saving capabilities of Windows 8 and how it works with applications.

Windows Phone 8 secrets leaked

If the latest details are true, the Windows Phone 8, code-named "Apollo," will integrate the phone with the core Windows 8 operating and restore enterprise-focused features to Microsoft's smart-phone platform.

Be the mouse: Kinect for Windows has arrived

Microsoft's motion-sensor peripheral, originally created for the Xbox 360, is now available for Windows-based PCs, and it could change how we interact with computers forever.