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‘Cybersickness’ from VR headsets hits women more often

Researchers are exploring the causes and potential solutions to cybersickness, as it could have a negative impact when virtual reality starts playing a bigger part in job training or education in classrooms.

Pension systems’ built-in modernization deadline: IT staff retirements

The Washington Department of Retirement Systems is modernizing its pension administration infrastructure before the soon-to-be retirees managing it take their skills and knowledge with them.

Cloud adoption gains traction in states

Almost 90% of state CIOs said cloud use is picking up steam, according to the initial results of a survey by NASCIO and Accenture released this week.

How regions can pivot from carbon- to tech-based economies

Shifting a regional economy is a long-term commitment that requires data-based strategies, economic and racial inclusion and significant, sustained investment in education, a recent report says.

Don't call it data literacy, it's data proficiency

States can get employees successfully working with data by making the training process more approachable, data experts said.

Can Fortran survive another 15 years?

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory evaluated the risks of relying on the 65-year-old code for nuclear security.

3 in 4 Americans worry AI will take their jobs

A Forbes survey indicates Americans are growing more alarmed about artificial intelligence for a variety of reasons.

State mandates K-12 cyber education

North Dakota is the first state in the nation to require cybersecurity education be integrated into K-12 classrooms.

City building a talent pipeline for a quantum-enabled workforce

The Gig City Goes Quantum initiative is Chattanooga’s plan for student education, workforce preparation and business support to accelerate the local commercialization of quantum technologies.

Public sector work equals high job satisfaction

A new workforce survey reveals what employees love about the public sector, and what’s driving them away.

Long-term digital solutions can offset workforce shortage gaps

COMMENTARY | User-friendly technology platforms can help under-resourced agencies decrease their administrative burden and attract digital-savvy employees.

With tablets, hybrid classes inmates prep for cloud jobs

Detainees at the District of Columbia’s Department of Corrections have become certified cloud practitioners, knowledge that upon release will provide a sustainable wage and may help fill the IT skills gap.

Acting national cyber director offers new details on upcoming cyber workforce strategy

The forthcoming plan is meant to accompany an overarching cyber strategy released last week that industry groups and cybersecurity experts said would be challenging to implement given the nation’s cyber workforce woes. 

Quantum ‘ecosystems’ can flourish with government partners

States looking to nurture the technology should work with academia, startups and industry to build quantum research clusters and a trained workforce, a recent report said.

Tech layoffs have opened the door for IT talent. Now governments must close the deal.

COMMENTARY | Human capital management solutions can improve candidate experience and help agencies streamline the hiring and onboarding processes.

Microsoft to expand program that grows economic development in rural areas

The tech giant is set to expand TechSpark to all 50 states as it looks to grow place-based economic development opportunities through digital skills training.

‘Whole nation’ effort needed to build broadband workforce

Federal investment could mean the creation of up to 150,000 broadband-related jobs, but state and local leaders must build robust apprenticeship programs and commit to diversity to make it happen.