Workforce Management

Pentagon moves to revamp online education systems

As the pandemic increases the need for online learning, the Defense Department's chief management officer pushes change.

Feds not reaping the benefits of mobile tech

Government information employees don't have mobile technologies to support location flexibility, according to a new international study by Forrester Research.

3 federal IT security predictions for 2011

Unisys' Patricia Titus says we can expect to see three important security trends this year in response to the growing number of employees who connect to government networks via mobile and/or personal devices.

Federal pay freeze is a done deal

A new law funds the government through March and freezes civilian federal employees' pay for the next two fiscal years.

Fed employees cry foul on coming pay freeze

The Senate has approved a continuing resolution to fund the government through March 4 that includes a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal employees.

Most wanted: Tech jobs for 2011 ranked

Robert Half reveals the technology jobs most in demand next year.

Pay freeze could be limited to a year

Federal employees facing a salary freeze could get a respite if lawmakers are able to persuade colleagues to limit their actions, reports Federal Computer Week.

Federal pay raise challenged, but union head defends it

Colleen Kelley, president of a federal employee union, argues that federal salaries are not excessive.

NIST late to start work after getting paid, GAO says

Auditors scold the National Institute of Standards and Technology for taking too long to deliver results on research studies paid for by federal agencies.

OPM not doing enough to protect privacy on background checks, GAO says

The Office of Personnel Management handles about 2 million background checks a year, but it needs to do more to ensure that privacy is protected, GAO says.

FBI agents cheated on computerized exam, IG says

The FBI's inspector general today alleged that agents and supervisors cheated on an operations exam delivered online.

6 IT lessons learned the hard way

Even the best government IT practitioners had to fail at some point to learn the lessons that propelled them to their eventual successes. Here are their stories.

Lawmaker seeks hearing over proposed Joint Forces Command closing

Congressional pressure continues to build over Defense Secretary Robert Gates' plan to close the U.S. Joint Forces Command, headquartered in Norfolk, Va., which employs about 6,000.

Unions fire back at Gates for insourcing about-face

The American Federation of Government Employees wants answers from Defense Secretary Robert Gates on how his plans to save DOD money will affect insourcing efforts and federal employees.

Industry retirees leave mainframe computers behind

Old mainframe computers stay at a company longer than the employees who know how to run them, according to a news report.

More feds will telework under new law

Teleworkers of the world rejoice! House lawmakers have passed a bill to expand the number of federal employees eligible to telework.

Bigger threat: National crises or unprepared managers?

More than 90 percent of federal employees believe it is important that they continue working during a national crisis, but a lack of continuity-of-operations coordination and telework eligibility may thwart their efforts.