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Alysha Sideman

Alysha Sideman is the online content producer for Washington Technology.

Wireless carriers: Your data is safe with us, but we can't speak for third parties

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile all say they obtain user permission before using a customer's location to find information.

Data & Analytics

Apple speaks, says it doesn't track iPhone locations

Apple says the reason it is being vilified is the result of a bug.


Franken sets hearing on iPhone tracking

In the thick of privacy questions resulting from the discovery that Apple monitors consumers' GPS locations in an unprotected way, Sen. Al Franken announces a hearing on the subject.


New iPhone app keeps an eye on users, including teleworkers

The new iPhone application iKeyGuard is rolled out, and two scientists discover the same device is keeping tabs on your locations in an unprotected way.

Wireless gear securely connects teleworkers to the office

Cisco's new secure wireless local-area network access point is designed to provide teleworkers secure, hassle-free network connections from home offices.

DOD blocks employees from video sites in wake of Japan crisis

Access to streaming video on websites, including YouTube, Amazon and Google video, has been blocked by DOD's Cyber Command, which has found that interest in Japan has taxed its bandwidth.

Japan's earthquake shows strength of social networking in crisis

Social networks across the globe bonded to help with rescue efforts and information dissemination in Japan after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake.

Social media plays key role in New Zealand rescue efforts

People in the region are hailing a spontaneous effort that uses social media to share vital information after an earthquake struck Christchurch.

Readying Patriot missiles for launch? There's an iPhone app for that, too

Pressing the keys on the mobile device won't actually launch the missile, but it will start a 3-D application to teach Patriot Missile crews about positioning and readying the Patriot system in order to launch and fire.

Obama talks innovation with 12 top tech leaders

In a closed-door session discussing innovation, incentives and job creation, leaders for the nation's top tech companies met with President Obama at a Northern California home.


NJ police chief offers spy seminars for parents of Facebook-friendly kids

The police department in Mahwah, N.J., promotes spying on kids' Facebook pages by hacking into their accounts. Seminars given by detectives show parents how to install software and conduct surveillance activities.

Cloud & Infrastructure

SSA data center approaching 'catastrophic failure'

Tangled telecommunications and electrical cables underneath the data center floor, an out-dated HVAC system, clogged pipes and an antiquated uninterruptible power system have put the SSA's National Computer Center on thin ice.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Administration releases federal cloud strategy

Stressing the federal government's commitment to the cloud, under a new strategy agencies will need to evaluate cloud computing options before making any new investments.

Airborne surveillance craft have a new mission: saving lives

At its core, the new military initiative is about saving lives without placing troops on a foreign tightrope.


Onward and upward to new Reaper

The new Reaper model must be able to face emerging threats such as cyber warfare and surface-to-air missiles better than the current MQ-9 drone, says Col. James Gear, director of the Air Force's Remotely Piloted Aircraft Task Force.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Army's Second Life site offers support to soldiers, families

The Army is going virtual for the emotional and physical well-being of its soldiers and their families.


NATO, DOD work on a plan for cyber defense

Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn meets with NATO and European Union officials in Brussels this week to strengthen cyber defense.

Cloud & Infrastructure

IRS keeps tabs on refund status through app for iPhones, Androids

To erase the image of being behind the curve technically speaking, the IRS has launched an tax refund tracker for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

NASA launches Android app

Android users can now catch up with their Apple-device counterparts. New NASA app for Android smart phones contains information on spinoff innovations used to solve problems in everyday lives.

State & Local

Analytics tools help open the book on public-sector agencies

Government organizations trail the corporate world in making use of business analytics, but they can use their own data to influence agency decisions on financial, personnel, policy and other matters.