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Amber Corrin

Amber Corrin is a former staff writer for FCW and Defense Systems.

Combat simulation training critical to saving lives

At Camp Pendleton's Battle Simulation Center, Marines are trained in operational support using simulation tools that recreate combat to ensure they are mission ready.

Counterfeit electronics put troops at risk

Counterfeit parts, mostly made in China, have found their way into the U.S. military's supply chain, and now members of the Senate Armed Services Committee want to hold contractors more responsible.


Advanced threats perplex cyber defense efforts, panel says

A former general worries that it might take a digital Pearl Harbor to get officials serious enough about the problem.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Just the facts: The numbers on DOD's AKO, DKO and JKO portals

The announcement of the closure of Defense Knowledge Online is furthering uncertainty over the future of DOD's online portals and enterprise services. Here's a quick look at some of the stats.

DOD to KO Defense Knowledge Online portal

The Defense Department's plans to shutter its Defense Knowledge Online portal are set. What comes next?


Averting another Stuxnet will require new cybersecurity approach

The evolution of the cyber threat requires an accompanying change in approach to defending IT networks, two cybersecurity experts said at FOSE July 20.


DOD stuck in IT 'Stone Age,' top Pentagon official says

The Defense Department must keep up with technology to compete on the battlefield, even amid budgetary uncertainty, said Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the FOSE conference in Washington.


DHS, DOD team to protect U.S. cyberspace

The Defense and Homeland Security departments are still working out how to jointly secure cyberspace, according to a top DHS official.


DOD's 5-point cyber plan sees Internet as an 'operational zone'

The Pentagon's new strategy for defending U.S. infrastructure and networks also stresses "active" defense and public/private partnerships.

Army's new modernization plan: IT on a tight budget

With its 2012 Modernization Plan, the Army is taking a close look at how it will use its fiscal 2012 budget to achieve its most critical goals and re-balance the force.


Bin Laden's lair gives intell teams a lot of data to decipher

Investigators from 10 agencies are digging for usable intelligence from the vast amount of material taken from the terrorist leader’s compound.

Cloud & Infrastructure

DI2E framework seeks to unite wealth of intelligence data

The Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise represents a formal system of exploitation, analysis, production and dissemination of intelligence across the Defense Department and intelligence agencies.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Army's move to enterprise e-mail on pace, despite struggles

The enterprise e-mail initiative has had its struggles, but is moving 1,000 accounts a night into DISA's cloud.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Military not prepared for agencywide cloud computing, CIO says

Defense Department CIO Teri Takai cautions against jumping into the cloud without the right organization or strategy.

DOD working to enhance brain injury tools, assessments

The Pentagon is upgrading its chief brain injury assessment tool, but some officials are criticizing its reliability.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Need data fast in the battlespace? Cloud has it covered.

Cloud computing has revolutionized how the federal government stores and accesses data, but now the Army is taking it all the way to Afghanistan.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Army hits a few hurdles in move to enterprise e-mail system

A top Army official details some of the exact steps the service is taking to move and restructure the e-mail accounts of more than 1.5 million users as part of the service's continuing enterprise e-mail initiative.

Army IT exec Winkler to move on

The Army's program executive officer for enterprise information systems, Gary Winkler, has announced he will step down, effective in April.


Outdated policies block DOD from using some new technologies, panel says

The Defense Department would like to use mobile technologies and other technology innovations more freely, but outdated policies hold it back, panelists say.

Bandwidth demands an ongoing battle for military

Issues with acquisition policies, requirements, government-industry partnerships and funding are limiting the Defense Department in its efforts to meeting bandwidth demand and troop communications needs.