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Becky Nagel

Becky Nagel is the executive editor of the 1105 Redmond Media Group's Web sites, including,, and, among others.

Online training for AI and machine learning

Here are some great, no-cost resources that will help you transform your current programming skills to meet the AI and machine learning needs of the future.

New Microsoft small-biz server coming down the pipe

The new server, code named Breckenridge, "will be optimized for storage."

Federal appeals court upholds ban on Microsoft Word sales

Microsoft has been ordered to stop selling its Microsoft Word software starting Jan. 11.

Microsoft formally appeals Word patent ruling

Microsoft has formally appealed a judgment issued last week that would require the company to stop selling Microsoft Word within the United States.

Microsoft seeks stay in Word patent dispute

Microsoft has filed an emergency motion to stay last week's ruling ordering the company to stop selling Word in the U.S.

Dell now selling Microsoft software via download

Customers visiting Dell's Download Store can purchase and download Microsoft Office suites or individual Office applications such as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Visio.

Emerging Tech

Windows 7 beta slips through cracks and onto Internet

The upcoming Windows 7 beta, scheduled to be released this month, found its way onto the Internet over the holidays.

Windows Server 2008 R2 previewed

Microsoft shows off a pre-beta version of Windows Server 2008 R2 at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles.

Microsoft's HPC 2008 now live

The software is the next generation of Microsoft's Computer Cluster Server 2003.

Adobe, Google, IBM challenge Microsoft Office

Paying for word processing software may soon be a thing of past if new'and free'word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps take off.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Microsoft releases ASP.NET MVC Preview 3

Microsoft has released the latest preview version of its model-view-controller architecture for Web application frameworks.

Excel patch causes miscalculations

Microsoft acknowledges that a patch it released last week is the culprit behind incorrect calculations in Excel 2003 spreadsheet program.


Critical MS Office patches coming

Microsoft will release four patches Tuesday, all rated critical because they allow remote-code execution.