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Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson is a freelance technology writer for GCN.
Cloud & Infrastructure

Legacy systems: Too old to die?

Some legacy systems will likely never move to modern platforms, but agencies must get smarter about what to migrate and how.


New breach, same lessons

The Equifax breach has brought the security of open source software to the fore, yet again, and highlighted the ongoing struggle organizations still have with cybersecurity.


Software brittleness may harden embedded systems

Brittleness causes programs to fail fast when under attack, which allows systems to quickly detect and disrupt cyberattacks and revert to known-good states.


NIST's how-to for prioritizing risk

The latest guidance on risk assessment offers agencies a way to identify the most critical parts of an infrastructure so they can better choose what to upgrade.


IARPA explores easy-to-use cryptography

A new program will look at developing tools that architects and programmers can use without having to understand the nuances of specific cryptographic concepts.


Computing with encrypted data

Researchers are working on ways to optimize fully homomorphic encryption, which allows manipulation of encrypted data, for real-world applications.


WannaCry: A preview of coming attacks?

With malware innovations seemingly outpacing the efforts of both public and private entities to protect against them, we must find a new way to deal with the issues malware poses.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How to implement enterprise-to-cloud security

Placed between cloud service providers and users, cloud access security broker solutions enforce an enterprise’s security policies.


The road to derived mobile credentials

Programs in both the civilian and military sectors are starting to deliver on earlier promises to give government workers credentials on their mobile devices.


Jumping on the blockchain bandwagon

This could be the year when blockchain hype dissipates and it becomes a major, if still early-stage, cybersecurity tool.


The cyber curse of ‘interesting times’

This year will be a critical one for cybersecurity, with both government and industry coming to grips with what’s needed to counteract the rapidly rising tide of attacks.


NIST looks for defense against code-cracking quantum machines

Pulling together quantum-resistant cryptography will take time, and NIST feels that, unless it starts now, that new cryptography won’t be ready.

Mobile apps added to NIST software database

The investigator's digital forensics toolkit expands with the addition of 23,000 mobile apps to the National Software Reference Library.


Are states ill-equipped to manage cybersecurity?

State governments have been under constant pressure to modernize their IT systems, improve service delivery and cut costs. Along the way, something is bound to break.

Data & Analytics

Quantum computing: Probable solutions incredibly fast

Although mainstream quantum computing is still years off, agencies are starting to experiment with D-Wave machines for optimization problems.


Get ready for IoT-enabled threats

The success of the recent Mirai botnet attacks opens the door for similar DDoS threats that take advantage of unsecured Internet of Things devices.


Moving cybersecurity from art to science

New technologies and cyber-savvy leadership are taking the intuition and guesswork out of security.


NIST offers cyber self-assessment tool, updates email security guidance

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has come out with a self-assessment tool that should give organizations a better understanding of how they are progressing with security risk management efforts.


Real-time monitoring for industrial controls

A new platform by startup Claroty examines network traffic using an inspection engine designed for critical infrastructure's IC systems.


Lessons from the OPM breach

The new report on the breaches at the Office of Personnel Management presents a template for how to design security to prevent future intrusions.