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Carlos A. Soto

Carlos A. Soto is a former GCN Lab technology analyst.

What OS X Mountain Lion can do for the enterprise

As more agencies adopt Apple's mobile devices, the new OS' security, messaging and synch-ability could make the workplace more efficient and enjoyable.

9 top tablets graded for government

The GCN Lab has put the latest tablet computers through their paces to test how suitable and secure they are for government workers.

The iPhone 4S: Rise of the machines

Despite a few beta-related flaws, Apple's latest phone reveals the future of human/machine interaction.

Kindle Fire: A great 2nd tablet, with good features for the job

The Kindle Fire isn't an iPad killer, but instead can complement it and many others. It's the tablet to have if you have more than one.

Emerging Tech

The standard keyboard goes virtual

The Celluon Virtual Laser Keyboard with Magic Cube uses an optical sensor to follow the exact positions of your fingers as you type on a laser-projected keyboard.

You Gotta See This! But don't rush.

Apple's new photo collage app takes great shots but then gets too amateurish for government.


LaCie's Rugged Safe is a secure fortress for data

The LaCie 500G Rugged Safe earns a reviewer's choice pick for its low price, durability and sophisticated protection against would-be hackers.

How to use Twitter without getting fired

These tips on tweeting could keep employees from running afoul of agency social media policies, and perhaps irritating major news organizations.

NetScaler load balancer can squash network latency

The Citrix Netscaler MPX 9700 ensures network availability, improves security and lowers costs by offloading stressed-out servers.


How to use Facebook without getting fired

Government employees can safely use Facebook if they follow some simple guidelines concerning people they know -- and people they don't.

Emerging Tech

Xerox takes a leap forward in solid-ink printing

The ColorQube 8870DN produces terrific text and images, and Xerox has eliminated many of the traditional flaws of solid-ink printers.

Skyfire adds Flash content to iPhones, iPads. How well does it work?

With the Skyfire app, Flash content is converted in the cloud into HTML 5, which lets users view some, though not all, videos on iPhones and iPads.

BlackBerry Bold 9650 is an easy-to-use workhorse

With Version 5 of the RIM Blackberry operating system, the Bold ushers in a new set of features including a high-end, 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and 3G, Code Division Multiple Access or Wi-Fi capabilities.

HTC Evo’s 4G service takes smart phones to new dimensions

The Evo is hands-down a Reviewer’s Choice winner in this roundup because of two crucial things: the device's bountiful jaw-dropping features and the outstanding performance of those features on the device.

Palm Pre Plus has the tools but can be a drain

The Pre is a sleek flip phone that conceals an easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard and runs on the intuitive webOS, which in some ways is better to use than the iPhone’s operating system.

Samsung Captivate makes good use of its Android OS

For most agencies, the Captivate would be a perfect mobile device because it walks a careful balance between the easy-to-manage BlackBerry and the power and capabilities of the Evo.

iPhone 4.0 a great device that deserves better reception

Despite its problems with AT&T, the iPhone’s easy-to-use navigation and sleek construction makes it easy to overlook the antenna nightmares. I reviewed a $199, 16G unit running Version 4.0.1 of Apple's iPhone operating system and found it hard to criticize anything else about the phone.

5 smart choices in smart phones

The GCN Lab tests five new models, including one with 4G capabilities, and finds they have a lot for offer on-the-job users. Android phones come out on top.

Emerging Tech

5 technologies that will change the market

A guide to the promise, peril and disruption that these technologies will bring to the government market.


5 top security suites for teleworkers

Agencies are requiring robust home security software for the growing number of people working from home. The GCN Lab reviews five antivirus and antispam suites that can handle the job.