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Carlos A. Soto

Light reading

GCN Lab review: Kindle has form and function, but isn't quite ready for government.

Leopard hits the spot

GCN Lab Test Drive: Mac OS X's new environment makes just about everything easier.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Collaboration by design

GCN Lab Reviews | Enterprise collaboration software makes room for many users. The GCN Lab tests four powerful programs.

Cloud & Infrastructure

One program to read them all

The WebFocus 7 reporting and analysis tool can keep tabs on all of your enterprise information assets, regardless of platform or format.

Order out of database chaos

Test drive | Xythos Software's Enterprise Document Management Suite helps you find even those documents that are buried in your network.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Those that can teach

The right educational apps can put your employees in the know.

The tools of the master forecaster

Five business intelligence applications that can help agency managers track changes and make better decisions about their programs.


REM Security Management Console

eEye Digital Security has a strong product in its REM Management Console. Just as its name suggests, REM is a console that lets network admins see the status of their enterprise and address any issues that may arise.


Hercules Vulnerability Management 4.0

We found the Hercules Enterprise Vulnerability Management Suite to be one of the best programs on the market, particularly for large enterprise deployments.


Tools for tighter networks

Impressive software from Citadel, eEye makes it easier for agencies to manage their network vulnerabilities.

BlackBerry 7130c

The 7130c has a lot of features that it shares with the more expensive 8700g. Unfortunately it doesn't share all of them.

Motorola Q

Motorola is close to having a great smart phone in its arsenal, and we suspect the next generation of the Q will be among the best available.

Samsung SCH-i830

The Samsung SCH-i830 is more PDA than cell phone. In fact, its calling features make you feel like you're talking on a late '80s model cell phone.

Treo 700P

The Treo 700P sits atop our roundup of smart phones alongside the BlackBerry 8700g.

BlackBerry 8700g

The latest top-of-the-line smart phone from RIM, the BlackBerry 8700g, was the easiest to set up and use of the devices we tested.

Talk to the hand

Latest batch of PDA phones shows that handhelds could be the future of computing.


AdventNet SecureCentral ScanFi 4.1

AdventNet's SecureCentral ScanFi 4.1 was our least favorite vulnerability management suite for several reasons.


BigFix Security Configuration Management

Like Altiris SecurityExpressions, Security Configuration Management by BigFix is simple to install and use.


ProRapid7 NeXpose 4.1

One problem with older versions of Rapid7 NeXpose was that it took a long time to scan networks, particularly when it came to its antivirus services.


Altiris SecurityExpressions 3.4

One problem with many vulnerability management programs is that they overcomplicate their software interface and the steps required to find or fix problems.