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Chase Gunter

Chase Gunter is a former FCW staff writer.

OMB updates identity management policies

The Office of Management and Budget wants to make it easier to use PIV credentials across agencies and ensure digital devices and tools have manageable identities.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Agencies rack up cloud savings, but better reporting needed, GAO says

Nearly all the agencies audited by the Government Accounting Office reported the cloud provided "significant benefits" that included improved customer service and more cost-effective IT management.


Cyber, AI drive workforce reskilling

As agencies integrate advanced technologies and more security into their processes, they're looking to their employees for help.

Emerging Tech

Emerging tech needs enough runway to take off, experts say

Focusing too much on the hypothetical potential of technologies like quantum computing could ultimately hinder their development.


Cyber recruitment: It's not (always) about the money

For all the focus on government's inability to compete with private-sector pay, the exact dollar figure, while important, isn't disqualifying.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Energy plans delivery of first exascale supercomputer

Argonne National Laboratory will use Aurora for machine learning and simulation problems in space research, drug response predictions and weather forecasting.

Data & Analytics

Open data, AI apps shine at Census demo day

Agencies, industry and individuals presented digital tools using open federal data and artificial intelligence at the March 1 demo day.

Data & Analytics

Open data when government is closed

The lapse in data services from shuttered government offices can have downstream effects beyond just static agency websites.

Tech already saving Census time and money

The Census Bureau is depending on technology to conduct a more efficient population count.

Cloud & Infrastructure

What to make of the White House's 'cloud smart' strategy

The new policy document suggests a more flexible agency-by-agency approach and sketches a roadmap for next 18 months.

Emerging Tech

U.S. needs quantum investment, coordinated strategy, experts say

Greater government support for quantum computing research will help ensure the U.S. does not fall behind in the revolutionary technology.

State & Local

Doing more with social media

Despite government's increasing use of social media, many employees who work with the technology say agencies can use it more effectively.

Emerging Tech

AI, quantum, space commercialization among White House R&D priorities

Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, advanced communications and space commercialization are among the White House's research and development priorities for fiscal year 2020.

FOIA portal promises streamlined service

The new cloud-based allows users to submit requests to any of the 116 agencies covered by the transparency law.


States get policy help in securing the 2018 vote

Federal execs say they want to make election advertising more transparent, upgrade equipment and help strengthen network security.

Apps open window on legislative transparency

At the recent Congressional Hackathon, agencies, citizens and tech groups pitched solutions for improving citizens' access to government.


Senate bill gives states a leg up in securing elections

A bipartisan bill looks to help state officials better secure their elections systems by providing access to classified information, cyber expertise and funding.

How program managers can guide custom software development

Although agency programs often rely on custom software, managers' lack of development expertise can get in the way of the program meeting its goals.


Stronger election security with less technology

While installing layered defenses and purchasing more secure technology would help protect voting machines, less reliance on technology may be the best way to secure the electoral process.


How to get both better data and more privacy

The Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission is pushing for a federal service that facilitates access to data for evidence building and ensures privacy and transparency in how that data is used.