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Chris LaPoint

Chris LaPoint is vice president of product management at IT management software provider SolarWinds, based in Austin, Texas.

3 tips for website performance optimization

Monitoring performance metrics and user experience will deliver the visibility required to optimize performance.

Data & Analytics

Applications running slow? The root cause might come as a surprise

To uncover the root cause of application performance issues, IT pros must look at database performance from an end-to-end perspective.


3 ways to combat threats from ‘device creep’

Government network managers do not need removable storage tools; secure managed file transfer systems can get the job done with less risk.


'Tis the season for emergency preparedness

Before the weather gets frightful – increasing the chances that you may experience significant system downtime – make sure you have a plan in place and follow these best practices.

Cloud & Infrastructure

4 building blocks for app stack dominance

How to manage your app stacks in order to maintain uptime, maximize enterprise resources and generate consistent productivity throughout your agency.

Cloud & Infrastructure

4 ways to get a handle on software-defined data centers

Instead of trying to manage all facets of the SDDC separately, administrators need to tackle networking, compute, storage, security as a whole.


5 signs of network trouble

Checking for unusual activity in log and event management data can help admins spot the changes that can compromise network security.