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SMB security flaw in Windows? Not really, says Microsoft

Security researchers say they’ve uncovered a new technique for stealing login credentials from any Windows device, but Microsoft says it addressed the issue in 2009.


Microsoft issues warning over SSL flaw

Microsoft has advised users of the threat from a vulnerability in Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 and Transport Layer Security 1.0, but said the chances of a successful attack are slim.


FBI takes over Rustock botnet investigation, aims for ringleader

The FBI is taking over investigation of the Rustock spybot network, with evidence Microsoft provided that could point to the ringleader.

Which OS will users choose for their next smart phone?

Sixty-three percent of smart phone owners said they're next phone would likely be an Android. And although 44 percent said they'd consider Windows Phone 7, just as many said they'd never heard of it.


SSL flaw could allow hijacking of 'secure' Web sessions

Researchers plan to demonstrate attacks based on an implementation flaw of the Secure Sockets Layer cryptographic protocol.


Microsoft fixes its fix for DigiNotar certificates

Microsoft re-released Security Advisory (2607712) yesterday to replace a previous flawed update that failed to include all blocked Web certificates from a Dutch certificate authority firm.


Got a weak password? Beware of Mr. Morto.

A new worm, called 'Morto,' attempts to infect PCs using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol to try to guess simple login and password information.

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10 apps every Windows IT pro needs

From monitoring SQL Server to remote-access tools to cloud synching to Cisco security, here are 10 mobile apps that any Windows techie with an iPhone or iPad will want.


BlueHat contest looks to inspire cyber defense measures with $200K prize

Researchers who develop new security technologies to protect Windows against exploits can be up to $200,000 richer, thanks to a BlueHat Prize contest announced by Microsoft.

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Safari 5 takes no. 2 spot in July browser battle

The browser wars took a new turn as Apple's Safari 5 browser gained ground in a July survey.


Microsoft offers $250K Rustock botnet reward

Microsoft has announced a cash reward of $250,000 to anyone providing information that leads to the criminal conviction of the Rustock botnet perpetrators.

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Google's Swiffy makes up for Flash's shortcomings

Google's latest release, Swiffy, is a development tool that enables SWF files to be converted to HTML5, eliminating the need for a plugin on some browsers.

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Report: Sky's practically the limit for public cloud services

An IDC forecast said spending on public cloud services will hit $72.9 billion by 2015; software-as-a-service will be the big winner.

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IE 9 vies for its piece of the browser pie

According to a new report from NetMarketShare, a Web tracking and analytics service provided by Net Applications, Microsoft's latest version of Internet Explorer finished off May with 12.0 percent of the worldwide browser market.


Researcher finds 'cookiejacking' flaw in Internet Explorer

Breach could occur if a hacker hijacks session cookies from users' visits to a Web site.

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Google releases Chrome security fixes, still mum on flaw details

Chrome version 11.0.696.71 fixes four vulnerabilities in Google's browser.

Android takes the smart-phone lead, Gartner says

In the Q1 2011 sales figures for mobile devices, released by Gartner today, shows that Android-based devices have taken the lead with 36 percent of the market thanks to the more than 36 million units sold.


Google passes the bug after zero-day Chrome hack

Google is speaking out after news on May 9 that a French security firm had found a zero-day exploit in Chrome's code.


Feds move forward on Coreflood botnet removal

In the next step in the joint action between the FBI and the Department of Justice to take down the international Coreflood botnet ring, federal authorities will begin contacting some infected users to manually remove the botnet software.


Sony says PlayStation users' data protected, but take precautions anyway

Sony says credit card information for 77 million users was encrypted and appears not to have been taken, but the investigation is continuing.