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Dan Campbell

Dan Campbell is a freelance writer with Government Computer News and the president of Millennia Systems Inc.
Cloud & Infrastructure

Tremors generate tweets in new USGS earthquake program

The Twitter Earthquake Detector (TED) program is an exploratory effort intended to gather real-time earthquake-related messages, by having people who actually feel a tremor or observe its effects to tweet their observations.

Emerging Tech

IP routing takes one giant leap into space

The potential of Internet Routing in Space to reduce the latency -- and limits on transmission volumes -- inherent in current satellite communications potentially offers a host of new military and commercial opportunities.

Navy puts satellite broadband platform to the test

A series of tests has validated certain pivotal technologies designed to deliver and enhance broadband satellite communications.


DOD updates IPv6 Standard Profile

The updated IPv6 Standard Profile provides a technical and standards based definition of interoperability requirements for IPv6-capable products to be used in DOD networks.

Marines deploy WAN optimization to smooth HQ relocation in Iraq

While relocating its headquarters in Iraq, the Multi-National Force–West used Expand Networks' WAN optimization technology to improve data transfer performance via the satellite network that connects the bases.

Data & Analytics

NOAA to build new satellite ops center

NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service will operate from the new facility when it opens in September 2010.


ICANN, VeriSign, agencies collaborate on securing the Internet's root DNS

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, VeriSign, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and NIST will engage in a joint effort to secure the Internet’s root domain name system.

ARIN again warns of IPv4 address depletion, encourages IPv6 adoption

A letter from the American Registry for Internet Numbers states that the organization expects the IPv4 address pool to be depleted 'within the next two years.'

NIST seeks comments on IPv6 testing guidelines

A new publication provides guidance on testing frameworks and standards for the next generation of Internet protocols.

Data & Analytics

NASA, Cisco collaborate on global environmental monitoring

The Planetary Skin project will collect and analyze environmental data from satellite, sea-based, airborne and land-based sensors to monitor climate change.


GSA delays top-level DNSSEC deployment

In conjunction with OMB, NIST and DHS, GSA determined during testing that an additional feature of the DNSSEC software was required to improve the overall security of the system.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Change streamed worldwide during inauguration

More than 7 million simultaneous video streams were served shortly after noon on Jan. 20 as President Barack Obama was inaugurated.

Cloud & Infrastructure

DISA certifies DNSsec IPv6 appliance

Defense Department, other agencies can benefit from InfoWeapons SolidDNS.


Malware targets U.S. military computers

Pentagon officials acknowledged that the malware known as Agent.btz has infected some Defense Department computers, but did not say whether it could have affected critical systems.

Military satellite networks get boost

Riverbed Technology's Steelhead appliances now support the U.S. military's open Space Communication Protocol Standard to enhance communications over satellite networks.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Routers at risk

The Internet routing table may have reached a point where some routers may be unable to process the information load and are in danger of breaking down.

Cloud & Infrastructure

A team effort against ID theft

The U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Marshals Service have joined a consortium of academic institutions and corporate entities to combat identity theft and other identity management problems.


Amtrak deploys video surveillance system

System allows surveillance video to be monitored in real-time from any Amtrak location over an IP network connection.


USPS to deploy IPv6-capable video surveillance

The U.S. Postal Service plans to deploy an IPv6-capable video surveillance system to 40,000 postal sites across the country.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Japan, U.S., China are leading sources of Web attack traffic

The three countries accounted for more than 60 percent of attack-oriented Internet traffic, according to Akamai Technologies.