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Dan Rowinski

Dan Rowinski is a staff reporter covering communications technologies.
Emerging Tech

Intel's Oak Trail processors designed for tablets

The newest version of the company's Atom processor is set to be used in some 35 devices that will be released throughout 2011.


Google Chrome to guard against drive-by malware

Google announced that its Chrome browser will launch a feature to warn users when websites try to download malicious Windows-executable files.

State & Local

Kit puts digital forensics into the field

Dell and Evidence Talks attempt to lower the bar for forensics in the field with digital mobile forensics.


Data security enemy No. 1 – you looking at me?

The greatest threats to data security are sitting next to you, an Absolute Software software survey shows.

Cloud & Infrastructure

New protocol gives serious speed to Web apps

WebSockets' ability to always keep a port open could increase the speed and performance of Web applications.

NSA to test smart devices on commercial architecture

The intelligence agency will test mobile virtual network operators – MVNOs -- according to NextGov.

It's official: BlackBerry PlayBook will run Android apps

Research In Motion announced two "app players" that will run Android and BlackBerry applications on the upcoming PlayBook tablet.

Emerging Tech

Can the wireless spectrum handle 50 billion devices?

Machine-to-machine computing will create a lot of new data, as everything that can benefit from connectivity will be connected. Will there be enough wireless spectrum to transfer the data of 50 billion connected devices?

Spectrum: The looming question for wireless innovation

The FCC and wireless trade association are big on innovation but the biggest obstacle is the availability of wireless spectrum.


Can Android take BlackBerry's government job?

Android has overtaken the BlackBerry in the mobile-phone sweepstakes, but Google must fix security and device management before taking up residence in government.


Who's working on Android security defenses?

Some of the top names in the business are, that's who.


4 steps to securing your Android

These tips will help keep your smart phone safe.

Cloud & Infrastructure

iLegislate: An iPad app for local governments

More software developers are designing iPad apps specifically for government use with the trend of aiming at the state and local levels.

NASA to host open-source summit

NASA is set to host an open-source summit to discuss the challenges, policies and governance of the open-source community in relation to the space agency.

Japan quake disrupts world technology supply chain

Chip and NAND flash-memory manufacturers in Japan were affected by the earthquake and tsunami last week, but considering the circumstances the outlook could be far worse.

Tech helps relief organizations -- and scammers -- after Japan quake

Technology has changed the way the world responds to natural disasters such as the Japan earthquake but it can also lead to big opportunities for scam artists.

Emerging Tech

Where is the Microsoft tablet?

With a strategy that relies on waiting for Windows 8, Microsoft is slipping well behind makers of newer smart-phone-oriented devices.


Google issues remote kill for DroidDream malware

Fifty-eight Android Market applications were found to be DroidDream malware that could turn Android phones into a mobile botnet. Google issued a remote kill of the applications of affected devices.

A unified communications company roster

Unified communications takes many forms, depending on its developer, from pervasive technology to app-orientation.

Emerging Tech

Death to the desk phone: The trusty PBX system is fast becoming a relic

Unified communications technologies promise to deliver improved situational awareness for first responders and homeland security agents by putting critical data into users' hands.