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Daniel C. Vock

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Emerging Tech

Safety group offers warnings on emerging transportation tech

State and local government leaders should prepare for new types of vehicles and look beyond industry hype as they design policies to reduce crashes.

Emerging Tech

Driverless taxis hit city streets

California regulators gave Cruise the go-ahead to charge passengers to ride through San Francisco in its autonomous vehicles, but public safety skepticism remains.

State & Local

Driverless vehicles are finally hitting city streets

In San Francisco, people can now catch rides in cars without anybody behind the wheel. But as the technology spreads, are regulators ready?

State & Local

How cities are trying to combat the nation's deadliest weather risk

Heat doesn’t get the same attention as hurricanes or wildfires, but city officials are paying more attention to it as hot temperatures become more common.

Public Safety

Election officials say safety threats may drive away poll workers

Three out of five administrators in a new study said they worried that threats, harassment and intimidation would make it harder to recruit new workers. Officials nationwide back that up.