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David Essex

Cloud & Infrastructure

Radio everywhere

The Arkansas Wireless Information Network incorporates legacy and new radios in a digital, interoperable system that works statewide.

EPA's meta(data)-morphosis

The Environmental Protection Agency's geospatial metadata system makes information more accessible and useful while enforcing federal mandates.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Models for business

BPM tools get to work on workflow and collaboration.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Group think

Web-enabled collaboration software gives you powerful new ways to get people and information together.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Everybody's in pictures

As online video becomes increasingly popular for meetings, training sessions and otheruses, agencies look to video management systems to help them keep track of it all.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Double vision

Project management tools can combine the long view with fine-grained details.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Putting Web 2.0 to work

2008 GCN Technology Leadership Award winner Nancy Sternberg's use of new technology tools gives an edge.

Get smart with your data

State, Coast Guard, FDA put business intelligence to work.

Agency Award'Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services | The 13 percent solution

2007 GCN Award: CMS team develops a centralized accounting system to get a handle on an eighth of the federal budget.


ERM and document security

Enterprise rights management does more than just control access to your network. It also can help protect the data inside.


The power of one password

Single sign-on systems help IT managers tighten security, cut help-desk costs and keep users happy.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Turning point

With its new version of SharePoint, Microsoft may have solved the problems that had hampered its use as a collaboration platform.

ITAM Solutions

Selecting the best ITAM solution for your organization requires a close look at your infrastructure, reporting needs and integration requirements.


Sum of the parts

Asset management tools help you make the most of what you have ' and deliver compliance reports, too.


Bringing it all together

SOA design plays a key role in paring down secret data-sharing links.


Widgets for digits

Fingerprint technology is a logical choice for ID cards, but interoperability questions stand in the way.

Talking virtual reality

High definition tools, desktop software take conferencing by storm.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Enter here

No longer the 'next big thing' of the late 1990s, Web portals are back.

Data & Analytics

Google Earth gives flight control a new dimension

Much of the U.S. Forest Service's Automated Flight Following pizzazz comes from Google Earth Pro client software.

Air traffic control on the fire line

The U.S. Forest Service's Web-based tracking system and Google's 3-D imagery help make fighting wildfires safer and more efficient.