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David F. Carr

David F. Carr is a special contributor to Defense Systems.
Emerging Tech

Virtual world technologies aid real world problems

Military customers at the I/ITSE show look beyond tank and flight simulators toward simulations for training soldiers on the ground – not only for fighting and maneuvering but for interacting with civilians and other players in confrontational situations.

Second Life demonstrates mingling of real and virtual worlds

Virtual worlds made popular by Second Life are showing new signs of life thanks to new prototyping tools. Some of those tools were on display at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in Orlando this week.


DOD warns against the dark side of social networking

Two Defense Intelligence Agency experts explain how adversaries can use social-networking tools to gather information on targets.

Emerging Tech

Institute unveils 3-D videoconferencing prototype

Rather than using holography, the videoconferencing display relies on a digital technique for achieving 3-D effects.

Seargeant majors need higher (and lighter) technology

As new technologies reach troops on the battlefield, concerns are raised about the weight of the equipment, especially all the batteries needed to power high-tech devices.

Gen. Chiarelli on new IT: Handle with care

Army's vice chief of staff says today's Army must guard against relegating promising technologies to oblivion without giving them time to prove themselves.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Army emphasizes outcomes, 'human dimension'

Gen. William Wallace discusses the technology research areas he thinks can be translated into practical improvements on the battlefield during the next 10 years.