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David Perera

David Perera is a special contributor to Defense Systems.

Users can be weakest links in cybersecurity infrastructure

Some of the military's vulnerability to cyberattacks is because users don't take security seriously, according to the commanding officer of the U.S. Strategic Command.

Advanced sensor technology sharpens battlefield picture

The latest advances in battlefield sensors are paying dividends for vehicle-mounted warfighters.

State & Local

Airborne emergency communications

A consortium of federal agencies, universities and private companies recently tested the idea of using aerostats ' tethered, blimp-shaped balloons ' as a way to restore emergency communications after a disaster.

Cloud & Infrastructure

IAE takes its own advice

GSA's Office of Acquisition Systems streamlines government procurement with the Integrated Acquisition Environment.

Cloud & Infrastructure

A host of benefits

The Labor Department's GovBenefits site eliminates duplication among agencies offering federal benefits by hosting agencies' online eligibility tools.

Marines get more JTRS-approved radios

The Marine Corps is procuring 9,300 handheld and 6,100 vehicle-mounted radios through the Consolidated Interim Single Channel Handheld Radio Program.

Spawar to upgrade communications platform

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center has placed a $9.8 million order for pre-production sets of the next generation of aircraft radio terminals, based on the Joint Tactical Radio System software-defined radio and its waveforms.

Singapore's direct approach

Singapore pushes ahead with WiMax, faster broadband and a standard desktop environment.


Singaporese put a lot into passwords

Singaporese are accustomed to the government knowing who they are when they access e-government services. With a mandatory password system named SingPass, government forms download ' after authentication ' with personal data prepopulated into the fields.

IDA keeps close relations with industry

Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority's philosophy, which includes making direct subsidies to information and communications technology companies, is to assume some of the risk for projects that require huge capital expenditures.

State & Local

Blimp floats over Dixie in disaster telecom test

State and federal officials have been testing aerostats to provide a backup infrastructure when normal telecommunications infrastructure services collapse.

Data & Analytics

'Space Pearl Harbor' overstated

Shooting down a falling U.S. satellite Feb. 20 did not inaugurate a new era of vulnerability for high-bandwidth military communications.

New IP a go, but no new money

Agencies have until mid-2008 to update their network backbones for IP Version 6 compatibility. But if they were expecting new money to help with the transition, they will be disappointed.

OMB: No new money for IPv6

Federal agencies have all the money they need to make a mandatory transition to the next generation of internet protocol, said a top Office of Management and Budget official today.

IRS biz rules scrutiny nears completion

Rule engines could help bridge the worlds of business and programming

OMB insistent on IPv6

Federal agencies must head to the next generation of Internet protocol by 2008, according to OMB's Karen Evans.

OMB: IPv6 by June 2008

The federal government will transition to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) by June 2008, said Karen Evans, Office of Management Budget administrator for e-government and information technology.