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David Ramel

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.
Cloud & Infrastructure

AWS launches spreadsheet-flavored no-code app service

Honeycode uses using familiar spreadsheet conventions, like sheets, tables, values, and formulas to help users build custom apps.

Cloud & Infrastructure

What workloads run best on which clouds?

Research shows that cloud computing workloads are spread relatively evenly across public, private and private platforms from the major vendors, but what jobs runs on those platforms tends to vary.

Cloud & Infrastructure

AWS to scan for misconfigurations

Amazon Web Services said it will proactively scan for misconfiguration errors like the one that enabled the recent hack of Capital One data stored on the AWS cloud.

Cloud & Infrastructure

AWS joins the blockchain party

Amazon Web Services announced two cloud-based services for organizations that want to create and manage scalable blockchain networks.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Microsoft revs up government cloud drive

Although Amazon Web Services enjoys the lion's share of the government cloud infrastructure market, Microsoft is ramping up efforts to attract public sector clients.

Emerging Tech

Transforming the programming process

Researchers hope to replace manual programming with computer-generated code based on users’ intent, which might be expressed as examples or via natural language commands.

Tips for getting the best enterprise software pricing

The Guide to Enterprise Software Pricing includes tips about tiered pricing, long-term commitments, free trial offers, buying through resellers and channel partners and many more topics.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Security tools top the list of AWS add-ons

According to a recent survey by 2nd Watch, security tools were the most popular third-party purchase for Amazon cloud deployments.

Cloud & Infrastructure

SDN a game changer but slow out of the gate, survey shows

A recent survey of CIOs indicates that the adoption of software defined networking will be ‘vastly different and slower’ than expected.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Software-defined networking gaining traction

Two recent surveys show similar attitudes about the future adoption of SDN technology in the data center.

Data & Analytics

Data lakes: Don’t dive in just yet

While some claim data lakes are essential to capitalizing on big data analytics, there is no common view about what a data lake is or how it can provide value, said Gartner researchers.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Software-defined computing enables context-aware IT

Move to SDN said inevitable in new world of mobility, social, big data and cloud computing.

Emerging Tech

Report cites FBI's 'weaknesses' on Agile development

Add the FBI to the list of federal government agencies that are reportedly failing to correctly implement Agile software development practices -- a move mandated by the Obama administration.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Microsoft woos MySQL users with migration tool

Microsoft fired another salvo in the database wars by announcing a new toolkit to help users migrate their databases from MySQL to SQL Server -- or SQL Azure, the new cloud offering.