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David Walsh

David Walsh is a special contributor to Defense Systems.

Army looks to troops for smart-phone tech advice

In a departure from the military's use-it-and-like-it mindset, the Defense Department is studying the human factors involved in outfitting warfighters with smart phones.

Data & Analytics

Laser-based mapping tech a boost for troops in Afghanistan

LIDAR's remote sensing technology, which bounces pulsed lasers, produces more accurate maps more quickly than traditional geospatial tools.

Change manager

Barbara Hoffman, investment and performance management team leader for the Department of Navy CIO, is described by admiring colleagues as a risk-taker who doesn't make enemies.

Agile Lion delivers data to the front lines

The Marines have successfully tested an innovative, ad hoc network that connects ground controllers, pilots and troops on the ground, providing real-time digital video and other data.