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Dorothy Denning

Dorothy Denning is emeritus distinguished professor of Defense analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School.

How Iran’s military outsources its cyberthreat forces

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps uses trusted intermediaries to manage contracts with independent hacking groups, allowing the regime to strike its foes while denying direct involvement.


Is quantum computing a cybersecurity threat?

Although the encryption underpinning modern internet communications could someday succumb to a quantum attack, it's important to understand that cryptography is just one piece of a much larger data-security pie.


North Korea's growing criminal cyber threat

North Korea's cyber warriors work primarily for the government, stealing money that is then used to fund its cash-strapped government.


Tracing the sources of today's Russian cyber threat

Some of the most talented and dangerous cyber warriors and criminals come from Russia, a long-time meddler in other nations' digital systems.


Cybersecurity’s next phase: Cyber deterrence

We can strengthen cyber deterrence by improving cybersecurity, employing active defenses and establishing international norms for cyberspace.