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State & Local

Sensors get L.A. up to speed

The Los Angeles Regional Transportation Management Center employees a system of embedded highway sensors, traffic monitoring stations, closed-circuit cameras, and ramp metering systems to track and reroute traffic in of the countries busiest traffic areas.

Midrange, high capacity

As computing requirements grow, agencies could find that the increased power and expanded platform options of midrange servers are the answer in data centers.

Stuck on tape

For large enterprises, tape libraries are still a cost-effective storage option.


Networked prints

In a merger of physical security and cybersecurity, the Army has installed a centralized system to control access to buildings and networks at Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart in Georgia.


Access control in two parts

Digitus Biometrics' MSN6100 devices have some unique features that add extra layers of security and harden them against hacker attacks.


Facing a challenge

The Army and other agencies say the facial recognition systems they've tested still aren't good enough. But they haven't given up on the technology.

The Navy's ERP navigator

2008 GCN Technology Leadership Award winner Susan Keen's technical expertise helps keep the service's massive program on course.


A secure SOA for DOD

2008 GCN Technology Leadership Award winner Vera sets the requirements for protecting enterprise services.

To each his own storage

Agencies need to build backup systems to match their unique storage challenges.

Data center cooling

Checklist: Figuring out cooling requirements can be a complex undertaking. Here are some of the questions you'll want to answer.

Power processing for all

Clusters open high-performance systems to new users ' if you set them up right.

AJAX: Friend or Foe

AJAX can make Web pages feel like full-fledged applications, but beware weaknesses in security and accessibility.

A switch in time

Access to all your data can depend on having the right storage switch ' and that depends on what kind of storage network you have.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Control out of chaos

Web content management systems can help you corral an overabundance of pages.

State & Local

Keep IT up

How do you keep the data center running? Here are some of the latest techniques.

Elements of SSOARS

For the Social Security Online Accounting and Reporting System, SSA uses Oracle Financials and the Oracle database management system.

Agency Award'IRS | Terabytes at their fingertips

2007 GCN Award: The IRS' update of the Compliance Data Warehouse makes analysis less taxing.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Sharing the wealth

Rich Internet Applications add desktop-app power and cross-platform capability to programs that run on a browser.


Anti-theft technology

In addition to routine security policies, there is also an assortment of technologies that are designed to keep data from getting into the wrong hands.

And then there were few

Consolidating data centers can save space and money and improve performance ' if you do it right.