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Combining GCN and Route Fifty: A note to our readers

We are merging our publications to better serve the state and local government community.

Cloud & Infrastructure

We’re back! Our grand return to live events

GCN and Route Fifty will hit the road with a new free event series to explore how cities across the country are building their future today.


Maryland Health Department hit with ransomware

For more than two weeks, COVID surveillance data wasn't released publicly, and many day-to-day operational services are still unavailable.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Wyoming health IT modernization nears completion

The modules of the Wyoming Integrated Next Generation System were procured separately to ensure best-of-breed solutions.

Data & Analytics

GIS enlisted for equity and social justice analysis

Esri's Social Equity Analysis tool allows equity analysts to combine smart maps and community data to assess local conditions, evaluate decision-making scenarios and measure progress toward equity goals.


Virginia legislature hit with ransomware

An attack on Virginia’s legislative branch has shut down computer systems and websites for the state’s legislative agencies and commissions.

Emerging Tech

NASA testing space-to-Earth optical communications

The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration will validate sending and receiving high-resolution images and videos from geosynchronous orbit to ground stations in California and Hawaii.

Cloud & Infrastructure

AWS launches Top-Secret West region

The new cloud region, more than 1,000 miles from AWS Top-Secret East, will give customers in the defense, intelligence and national security communities access to multi-region architectures for increased resiliency and availability.

Cloud & Infrastructure explores authentication service

The General Services Administration is creating an authentication service for and other agency customers.


TSA calls for public transportation info sharing center

The Transportation Security Administration wants to stand up an Information Sharing and Analysis Center that would provide security incident reporting, threat-monitoring and information sharing for mass transit and passenger rail service operators.


CISA issues enterprise mobile security checklist

The Enterprise Mobility Management system checklist outlines steps for device management, authentication, app and network security as well as defending enterprise systems from mobile devices.

Emerging Tech

Scientists test GPS-free navigation

To calculate position without GPS, a team of researchers are using cosmic-ray muons -- subatomic particles can not only pass through the air, but also through rock, buildings and underground.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Pod security for 5G cloud infrastructure

CISA and NSA have issued guidance on strengthening Pod isolation by limiting permissions on deployed containers and implementing real-time threat detection.


NJ offers in-person ID verification for online services

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development is rolling out a new service that allows individuals -- even those without a mobile phone or dedicated internet access – to verify their identity at retail locations.

Data & Analytics

NC town builds IoT center of excellence

In partnership with SAS Institute and Sematech, Cary will build a Center of Excellence dedicated to facilitating the development and deployment of edge-to-cloud internet-of-things solutions to local challenges that other municipalities can replicate.


New York needs to get ahead of cyberattacks, audit finds

The unit dedicated to ensuring the cybersecurity of New York state agencies, local governments and public authorities is behind the curve, a new audit finds.

IRS’ bot shop streamlines IT services

Through early adoption of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, UNS has strategically targeted IT support issues with RPA, specifically ones that require substantial resources.

Cloud & Infrastructure

DOD smooths funding path for entrepreneurs

The Defense SBIR/STTR Innovation Portal makes it easier for entrepreneurs to present great ideas to the Defense Department.


Cyber Risk Portal consolidates LA’s vulnerability data

The solution consolidates vulnerability scan results from multiple sources and compiles an easy-to-read cyber risk score for each IT asset and department that is sent monthly to department executives and IT directors.


Cybersecurity war room kept election secure

In Arizona, the Maricopa County Office of Enterprise Technology set up an election war room to coordinate response to both cyber and physical threats targeting county information systems.