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George Leopold

George Leopold is a contributing editor for Defense Systems and author of Calculated Risk: The Supersonic Life and Times of Gus Grissom."Connect with him on Twitter at @gleopold1.

Wanted: A new strategy for machine intelligence

As machine intelligence makes its way out of the lab and onto the battlefield, experts are calling for a national strategy that simultaneously advances and harnesses the technology.

DARPA pop-up testbed takes on spectrum management

A low-key competition for engineers tested techniques for sending and receiving information, like real-time intelligence data over the least crowded spectral bands.

NASA preps for space-based laser communications

Two upcoming projects will demonstrate the feasibility of high-speed, long-distance laser communications.

Emerging Tech

Defense applications ripe for quantum computing

Lockheed Martin has been experimenting with quantum systems to speed verification and validation of mission-critical software.

Emerging Tech

DARPA targets doctored images

A multidisciplinary team of university researchers is working to pull together a platform capable of scanning the massive numbers of images and videos posted online daily and verifying their authenticity.