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Jason Miller

Air Force sets standards for servers

Baseline configuration for Windows machines follows PC success.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Probes enhance NMCI

New performance management database alerts officials early to intranet traffic problems.


Standard problems

How to get around common glitches when complying with FDCC.


The struggle to conform

Retrofitting PCs with a standard configuration poses unique challenges.


Agencies grapple with FDCC compliance

Some agencies are making headway to hit the Feb. 1 deadline to make their desktop computers compliant with the Federal Desktop Core Configuration; others aren't faring so well.

ODNI issues new metadata standards

New standards expected to make information more usable across the intelligence community.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Karen Evans | The straight story on OMB's Internet connection policy

GCN Interview: The Office of Management and Budget's administrator for e-government and information technology clarifies the goals of the Trusted Internet Connections initiative.

Fire at Old Executive Office Building

A fire broke out this morning at the Old Executive Office Building near the vice president's ceremonial office.

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OMB to reduce federal gateways

Plan to boost security could create shared services for connectivity.

Cloud & Infrastructure

DOD developing data sharing working group

DOD and the Association for Enterprise Integration are developing ways to offer incentives for using service-oriented architecture.

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OMB consolidating agency Internet connectivity

Agencies must utilize GSA's Networx for their Internet connectivity in this consolidation plan.

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ISE releases framework for sharing data on terrorism

The Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment has issued Version 1.0 of the Enterprise Architecture Framework for the ISE, providing guidance for agencies working with anti-terrorism information.

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ISE issues EA framework

Federal information sharing now has an enterprise architecture framework. The document identifies interfaces and standards necessary for sharing information.

Cloud & Infrastructure

OMB focuses on 'Core' of new site

The Office of Management and Budget is trying to make the portal more like a community of interest.

Alliant contract gives agencies flexibility

Alliant contract to give agencies leverage in procuring systems.


Tools to get desktops in line

OMB releases a set of tools to help with establishing standard Windows desktops.


Justice advances identity tools, information sharing

Justice ready to take advantage of National Information Exchange Model.


Standard configuration to give agencies a real test

Once OMB and Microsoft establish a standard Windows desktop configuration, agencies will face their toughest test.


DHS looks to get its cyberhouse in order

The Homeland Security Department plans several consolidation efforts to shore up security after a grilling on the Hill.


Lawmakers assail DHS cybersecurity

DHS' IT security posture came under fire from lawmakers after the Government Accountability Office found 'systemic and pervasive' problems.