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Jen Fifield

Jen Fifield is a staff reporter at Stateline.
Emerging Tech

Tiny towns, small states bet on bitcoin even as some shun its miners

While bitcoin mining may not create many jobs, state officials and cryptocurrency advocates believe in the economic potential of the industries created through blockchain technology.

State & Local

Technology is turning wrong-way drivers around

A spate of wrong-way crashes across the country in the past five years has pushed state officials to test how technology can prevent the crashes and save lives.

State & Local

Cities, states seek to protect immigrants’ data from federal officials

In a political atmosphere that is increasingly hostile to immigrants, concerns grow over the vulnerability of data used for state or municipal ID programs.

State & Local

Virginia to pay $7.1M after manipulating food stamp data

The state will repay about $7.1 million in federal bonuses to resolve allegations that it manipulated data related to its food stamp program.

State & Local

Despite state barriers, cities push to expand high-speed internet

Local officials say that expanding access to broadband not only attracts new people and companies but also inspires innovation from existing residents and businesses, ultimately creating jobs and other economic opportunities.


Data, drones and apps: States debate privacy protections as technology speeds ahead

This year, states have enacted dozens of laws intended to give people greater control over who has access to their private activity and information, including where and how it is collected, stored, shared and used.