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Jenni Bergal


Ransomware attacks on hospitals put patients at risk

The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vt., was hit by a massive ransomware attack during the COVID-19 pandemic. A growing number of health care systems have faced cyberattacks.


Ukraine war puts US cities, states on cyber alert

States are blocking Russian IP addresses and running through scenarios to streamline cyberattack response and network lockdown procedures.

Emerging Tech

States use road sensors to combat treacherous ‘tire carcasses’

Sensors embedded in the pavement ahead of weigh stations alert inspectors if a truck has flat, underinflated or mismatched tires that could make it a danger on the road.


Think twice before scanning that QR code

After cities in Texas noticed fake QR stickers on parking meters that divert payments to scammers, other cities began issuing "quishing" alerts.

State & Local

Fraudsters set to pounce on massive infrastructure money

State and local governments need to proactively monitor the spending of infrastructure funds and not wait until after a project is underway to conduct audits or identify risks.


Small cities worry cybersecurity money won't reach them

Even though small, under-resourced municipalities often fall victim to cyberattacks, many don't have the resources to put together a proposal for a share of the $1 billion in federal cybersecurity grants available through the new infrastructure law.