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Joe Kim

Joe Kim is executive vice president engineering and global CTO at SolarWinds.

The Cybersecurity Framework is helping agencies, but there's room for improvement

IT managers have gotten better at preventing attacks, but they must ensure they can also quickly respond and recover.

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Ghost in the data center: Tips for managing wireless sensor networks

Network monitoring tools can be used to forecast device scalability and threshold alerts, allowing managers to act on the information that sensors are sending out.

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A single path to hybrid IT success

By following a single-path analysis strategy, managers can greatly reduce the challenges associated with managing hybrid IT infrastructures.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Back to the basics with software-defined data centers

Traditional monitoring and management techniques can help government IT administrators deliver an automated, scalable and highly agile networking environment.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Hybrid IT and data security musts

The key to an agency's successful cloud or hybrid IT implementation is to understand and maximize its cloud security posture in advance of the move.

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Building a cloud strategy on a solid foundation

With the right network infrastructure, agencies moving to the cloud can tap into better security and greater flexibility for growth.

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5 tips for keeping up with IT change

Government IT pros must now arm themselves with a new set of skills, products, and resources to succeed in the hybrid IT era.

How to control the expanding government network

Network performance and bandwidth monitoring solutions can help government IT pros keep users productive and systems secure.

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Strategies for keeping VM sprawl from taking over your agency

Even with policies to prevent virtual machine sprawl, IT managers should uses an automated approach that employs predictive analysis and reclamation capabilities.

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Databases in the cloud: dark cloud or silver lining?

Concerns over performance, availability and control are keeping databases out of the cloud.

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4 security management strategies for data center consolidation

Organizational flexibility, encryption and automation will help network administrators better manage security as data centers shrink.

Strategies for scaling the world’s biggest networks

As the IT environment expands, its monitoring, management and failover systems must scale alongside this growth.


How to prepare your network for the unexpected

For most agencies, a combination of security products create a formidable defense.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Too much of a good thing: monitoring overload

Solutions that neatly aggregate an agency’s preferred metrics deliver better availability, security and performance.