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John Breeden II

John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.
Cloud & Infrastructure

City enlists citizens in online crime fighting

With the Coplogic online crime-reporting portal, Chico, Calif., police save staff time and improve report accuracy.


Code checking leads to sea change in Navy programming

The Navy has been able to troubleshoot and repair programming errors before software is deployed using HP’s Fortify Software Security Center product.


DC tests ID management for first responders

The challenges of controlling physical access in emergencies may be solved by a nationwide network of standard first responder credentials.


7 steps to protect against privilege-elevating hacks

Agencies are cracking down on administrative access to mitigate the damage an insider can cause, but hackers are adjusting their tactics as well and aiming them squarely at the federal government.

State & Local

Orange County cleans up its voter registration list

The Orange County Registrar of Voters turned to Experian Public Sector to help it verify addresses of inactive voters and save money.

Cloud & Infrastructure

By embracing SaaS, Milwaukee County refocuses on constituents

Milwaukee County took advantage of a technology refresh to upgrade its backend completely, making use of software as a service and doing away with its aging server-based infrastructure.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Virtualization breaks a high-performance computing barrier

A Defense Department research team introduces virtualization into the world of scientific simulations, leading to efficiency and cost savings in high-performance computing.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Alabama court rules against its tape backup

A U.S. District Court sped the access and retrieval of case and business files by switching out antiquated tape backup for a disk-based system that eliminated long backup and restore routines.

Data & Analytics

GPS, geofencing drive highway department efficiency

The highway department in Cheektowaga, N.Y., uses cloud-based mobile management tools created by Xora for GPS tracking and vehicle trip auditing, mileage management and more.

Cloud & Infrastructure

FASP transfer protocol speeds data transmission to the cloud

Aspera On Demand uses the FASP transport technology for control over transfer speed and priority.

Ag office successfully fields mobile IT

To run a successful mobile IT program, IT managers need to address both the technology and management issues involved.


Worried about security? Beware the mosaic effect

Open data increases the possibilities that individual data sets can be combined and analyzed to reveal private or secure information.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Comcast CIO: Home networks show how the cloud will really be used

Having met the bandwidth requirements of the wired home, Comcast moves to meet government network demands.

Emerging Tech

The 1776 crew marches into FOSE

In partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton, the 1776 group helps startups tackling important challenges in government connect with established firms that are seeking new ideas and opportunities.

Cloud & Infrastructure

FOSE showcases excellence and innovation in government tech

This year's FOSE conference and expo presents some of the most innovative technologies and services aimed at, and designed for, government.

BlackBerry adds security for iOS and Android to enterprise platform

Enterprise Service 10.2 extends BlackBerry's secure back end to almost any device in a BYOD setting and separates work and personal data on iOS and Android devices.


In virtual town of Alphaville, students prep for cyber sieges

Alphaville is part of the Michigan Cyber Range, a network and classroom training environment designed to prepare IT managers on cybersecurity attacks and defenses.

State & Local

Fresno goes mobile to save time, money -- and trees

With Novell's ZENworks the city created a platform-neutral backend that would support any type of mobile device with security policies, asset tracking and emergency wiping –- keeping all data inhouse.

Rise of disk storage leaves tape with specialized backup role

As the price and performance of disk-based storage improves, magnetic tape-based systems have become a specialized tool for big storage backup requirements.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Mecklenburg County extends employees' mobility, security

The North Carolina county combined Office 365, Microsoft Surface Pro tablets and Windows Azure to increase mobility and security – and save money.