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John K. Waters

John K. Waters is the editor in chief of a number of sites, with a focus on high-end development, AI and future tech.

IBM calls for AI standards, regulation

IBM is urging the public and private sector to work together to combat discriminatory practices fostered by unregulated artificial intelligence.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Data center advances fueled by flash storage, decline in infrastructure costs

Cloud-based services, big data analytics and internet-of-things applications are driving the growth of data centers.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Fast, robust deployments, little bureaucracy fuels shadow cloud use

Cloud "offers a kind of instant gratification and nimbleness that is very good for research," one research director said.

Cloud & Infrastructure

New role for the mainframe

A "connected mainframe" can drive innovation if it is integrated with the rest of the data center infrastructure and IT processes and open to the outside world, a new report suggests.

Cloud & Infrastructure

IT shops, vendors report differences in cloud-based app use

While IT managers estimate running an average of 23 cloud-based apps, vendors and analysts observe more than 500 cloud apps, on average, per enterprise.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Citizen developers as a force multiplier in the enterprise

Crowdsourcing helps organizations bridge skills gaps in their workforce and bring greater collaboration and innovation to cloud, analytics, mobile and social technologies.

Oracle sues Google over Java IP in Android phones

On Thursday, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming that, in developing its Android mobile operating system, the Internet search giant infringed on seven patents associated with the Java Platform.

Survey: Oracle not so bad for Java and MySQL

The results of a survey published this week seem to indicate that early concerns about the fate of Java and MySQL in the hands of Oracle have abated, at least for the present.

Nokia donates Java Runtime to Symbian Foundation

In an effort to make it easier for Java developers to build applications for its Symbian-based mobile devices, Nokia is contributing the 2.1 version of its Java Runtime implementation to the open-source Symbian Foundation.

State & Local

Tool lets amateurs build Android apps

Google has released a new Java development environment aimed at the non-coder developer who wants to build applications for the Android operating system.

Cloud & Infrastructure

VMware, Salesforce partner to build Java dev platform in the cloud

VMware and have joined forces to build VMforce, a platform for building and running Java applications in the cloud.

Data & Analytics

New Type 5 JDBC driver aimed at data-driven Java apps

Progress Software has launched a new Type 5 JDBC driver, which the company is billing as an industry first.

Platform for Cobol, Java integration gets upgrade, adds Eclipse support

Veryant's isCobol 2010 adds support for Eclipse Galileo, among other changes.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Red Hat updates JBoss dev tools, SOA platform

Red Hat showed off the latest incarnation of its JBoss Developer Studio IDE at the annual EclipseCon developer conference, as well as new versions of its JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, and JBoss Enterprise Web Platform.

Emerging Tech

EclipseCon: Oracle Pushes Java Modularization

Two Oracle execs kicked off the annual EclipseCon conference with a keynote focusing on the future of Java under the stewardship of Oracle.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Feds, cybersecurity, cloud security take center stage at RSA 2010

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt and FBI chief Robert Mueller will all be taking the keynote stage at annual RSA Security Conference and Expo.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Oracle outlines Sun integration plans

Oracle Corp. laid out its plans for integrating Sun Microsystems' software and hardware systems into its own product lineup, including the Solaris operating system, the NetBeans IDE and the MySQL database.

New Java-based development tool provides GUI for 'green screens'

Application developers who work with the user interface on IBM's 3270 terminals have a new tool to consider that might make dealing with mainframe software a little easier.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Java Community Process approves Java EE 6

The Java EE 6 specification comprises about 30 additional specs and is a continuation of many of the approaches and ideas of its predecessor, Java EE 5.

Data & Analytics

Microsoft, Red Hat share common ground on virtualization

Microsoft and Red Hat have validated that their respective Windows and Linux operating systems will run on each other's virtualization platforms.