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John Rendleman

Software as service helps Army monitor environmental compliance

The Army plans to rely on Internet-based software monitoring and reporting tools as a major component in its campaign to monitor, record and reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases and other materials harmful to the environment.

USAF agency deploys alert system

Air Force's Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency implements IWSAlerts notification system that can accommodate messages with multiple security classifications and disseminate alerts to individuals according to security clearance.

Army medical record system expands

In addition to all Army and Air Force battlefield medical facilities, the Navy and Marine Corps health care providers throughout southwest Asia also are using the system.

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Microsoft touts citizen platform



Michael Peterson | Taking command in cyberspace

GCN Interview: The Air Force's chief information officer sat down with GCN recently to talk about creating online demilitarized zones and other steps to thwart cyberattacks.

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DOD, intell community to share services

U.S. military and intelligence communities plan to integrate their computer networks to share authorization and attribute services.

Bringing ITIL to DOD

2008 GCN Technology Leadership Award winner Drew Jaehnig applies best-practices approach to Joint Staff Support Center.


OMB to agencies: Lock down those DNS servers

The Office of Management and Budget will soon require agencies to configure their Doman Name System servers to NIST security specifications.

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Microsoft e-gov tool free for governments

Microsoft makes its Citizen Services Platform for creating Web-based electronic government services available to local and regional governments.

DOD narrows field for Wearable Power Prize

107 teams advance to the contest's next phase after their plans for batteries and fuel chemicals were deemed safe for competition.

Navy focuses on periscope camera

The Navy is going to test a 360-degree, high-resolution prototype camera designed for attachment to a conventional Type 18 submarine periscope.

Army OKs WIN-T final design

The Army has approved the final design of Increments One and Two of its $7.8 billion Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) program.

Intell CIOs assess info-sharing initiatives

The intelligence community is making progress in establishing interoperability across its many information collection, storage and retrieval systems, according to the CIOs of major intelligence agencies.

E-warfare lessons learned

The Army's Combined Arms Center is building a database of lessons learned to help soldiers defend the Army's networks and IT systems.

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Countdown to 50

Agencies hustle to prepare their networks for a drastic reduction of Internet gateways.

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DOD blazes TIC path

Defense Department's experience with network consolidation and its lessons learned provide valuable guidance.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Proposals for TIC compliance due April 15

OMB has given federal agencies an April 15 deadline to submit their proposed plans for implementing the Trusted Internet Connections initiative.


Deadline looms to re-engineer networks

Federal agencies are under pressure to implement OMB's Trusted Internet Connection initiative prior to the June 30 deadline.

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Pentagon awards research grants

Defense Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research will award $15.7 million in research and engineering grants to 24 academic institutions in fiscal 2008.