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Lia Russell

Lia Russell is a former staff writer and associate editor at FCW.
State & Local

SMART Act looks to help local government COVID response

The State Municipal Assistant for Response and Transition Act would provide $500 billion in funding to state and municipal governments to offset the economic impacts of COVID-19.

State & Local

Dems plan COVID relief for state, local government

Democratic lawmakers want the next stimulus package to provide state and local governments with as much as $700 billion in block aid grants and increased funding for Medicaid to help them retain workers and avoid layoffs.

New federal hires get virtual onboarding

While COVID-19 keeps workers out of the office, federal agencies are using remote technologies to onboard new employees.

Automation pays off

Chatbots, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence are all helping federal agencies save thousands of hours of labor.

Acquisition leans into automation

The federal acquisition workforce is enthusiastic about the potential of robotics process automation to limit data bias, streamline regulations and reduce outside contracting.

USAID automates HR services

The U.S. Agency for International Development automated common human resource processes, freeing up its HR employees to address more complex issues.

Fighting bias in AI-powered decisions

Artificial intelligence can streamline or eliminate manual labor, but organizations still need managers to monitor and make corrections when results discrimination surfaces.