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Mark Sincevich

Federal Director, Illumio

Mark Sincevich is federal director at Illumio.
Cloud & Infrastructure

Ramping up cloud security with zero trust micro-segmentation

Micro-segmentation helps protect the country’s critical data and infrastructure, supports cloud-enabled innovation and digital transformation and keeps the public sector workforce productive.


On the offense: Deterring threats with cyber strategy

By depriving attackers of the ability to scan or traverse networks, micro-segmentation greatly reduces the attack vector and helps agencies and commands with their mission.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Unleashing visibility for cyber resilience

By establishing visibility into the connections between applications and workloads, agencies can proactively defend against attacks and efficiently secure their networks and data.


Drive a zero-trust approach with inside-out protection

Zero-trust segmentation minimizes the damage of an initial attack -- preventing a small cyber incident from becoming a full-blown disaster -- and limits the possibilities of future attacks.