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Matt Leonard

Matt Leonard is a former reporter for GCN.

Automation on the move

Agencies are eyeing robotic process automation to streamline applications like data entry and help-desk functions to save time and money.


Hardening algorithms against adversarial AI

How can developers secure artificial intelligence applications when the underlying data is vulnerable to hackers?

Data & Analytics

Pushing municipal finance toward open data

Machine-readable financial data would allow citizens to keep an eye on spending, streamline municipal bond financing and help local governments meet their reporting requirements.


A 10-year march toward quantum computing

A quantum computer that can crack today's state-of-the-art encryption algorithms is more than a decade off, according to the National Academies.

Data & Analytics

How Waze partners with cities on data sharing

Under the Connected Citizens Program, participating cities and states get filtered data based on aggregated traffic information Waze collects from their communities of drivers.

Report: U.S. needs an AI strategy now

A national strategy for artificial intelligence will boost the nation's competitiveness, support defense capabilities and spur AI adoption, according to a recent report from the Center for Data Innovation.


Facial recognition shows big improvements

Gains in the accuracy of facial recognition technology over the last four years have been "revolutionary and not evolutionary," according to an expert from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Co-robots: Next-gen collaboration technology?

The National Robotics Initiative 2.0 is focusing even more on seamlessly integrating robots to assist humans in every aspect of life.

Data & Analytics

NASA advises data sharing consortia for air mobility challenge

In new details released on its urban air mobility challenge, NASA says participants should from a consortia to share data.


Can a new standard prevent an encryption meltdown?

Even with government and industry working on quantum-resistant encryption, getting any solutions rolled out will take time and a massive effort.


Facial recognition: A call for government leadership

Government should step in to ensure facial recognition technology is developed without biases, experts say.


A framework for secure software

The Business Software Alliance is crafting a framework to help policymakers develop rules and legislation around software security.

State & Local

Denver builds out sensor network at schools

The network could help the city better understand the link between air quality and asthma.

State & Local

What can federal agencies do for smart cities?

Coordinated agency efforts can accelerate the development of smart city/community solutions, a new report suggests.


Could civilians help fill the cyber talent gap?

With the growing need for cybersecurity experts, the government is missing a chance to take advantage of volunteers and part-time talent, a new report says.

Cloud & Infrastructure

When data centers move to the network edge

The internet of things will strain existing networks, but edge data centers could help increase bandwidth and lower latency, a recent report says.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud is key to scaling AI research

The large-scale storage and compute resources of the cloud could give university AI researchers access to the high-performance resources they need.

Why government must demystify AI

As agencies integrate artificial intelligence into government applications, they must ensure the technology is trustworthy and that citizens understand how it works.

Data & Analytics

4 connected vehicle apps Michigan is testing right now

Working with vehicle manufacturers and university researchers, the state is already deploying technology that allows cars to communicate with the infrastructure and other vehicles.


State CISOs gain stature, but still struggle with funding and workforce

A new survey from Deloitte and NASCIO shows how state governments are managing cybersecurity demands.