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Matt Vasilogambros

Matt Vasilogambros is a staff writer for Stateline.
Data & Analytics

New data tracks polling place locations for 37 states

The dataset can be used to study changes made by state and local election officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and new laws overhauling ballot access.

State & Local

Election officials have another year to fight disinformation

Before the midterms, local officials must upgrade their technology, expand efforts to secure the voting process and educate the public on the processes that protect election integrity.

State & Local

Disinformation may be the new normal, election officials fear

While most misconceptions about election fraud can be countered by officials being transparent about how vote tabulation works and what security measures are in place, it’s a lot of work.


Facing foreign election foes, states hire ‘cyber navigators’

Cyber navigators train local officials how to prevent and respond to cybersecurity breaches and keep an eye on big security compromises and phishing threats.

State & Local

Nation has Georgia on its mind, but many states are making voting easier

Lawmakers in 47 states have introduced nearly 850 bills to expand early voting, restore voting rights for people with felony convictions and set up automatic voter registration, among other measures.


Despite security concerns, online voting advances

Security experts understand the desire of entrepreneurs and election officials to use new voting methods to reach voters who may be disenfranchised by in-person or mail-in voting, but the security risk might be too great, they say.

State & Local

Lawmakers push to preserve pandemic voting access

State election officials are working to codify many of the pandemic-specific changes that broadened ballot access over the past year, but some face an uphill battle.

State & Local

Election disinformation fears came true for state officials

The disinformation scenario that local election officials feared months ago has come true: President Donald Trump’s false claims of voter fraud have been picked up by many state and local Republican officials across the country, and polls now show that more than two-thirds of GOP voters believe the 2020 election was neither free nor fair.

State & Local

Running an election in a pandemic, in 10 steps

As election officials face unprecedented challenges and the presidential election looms, many are turning to one another for tips on how to manage the significant changes in how people vote, especially those involving polling places.


How your local election clerk is fighting global disinformation

State and local election officials are working to take down misinformation and promote voter registration drives, but detecting and reporting misinformation can be difficult for officials to tackle on their own.

State & Local

Election experts warn of November disaster

Additional federal investment in local election systems, massive voter education campaigns and election administrators’ ingenuity will be required to prevent a disaster on Election Day.

State & Local

Georgia primary a 'catastrophe,' voting rights advocates say

Many polling locations did not open on time, some of the newly purchased equipment malfunctioned, many poll workers were unfamiliar with the machines and polling locations lacked backup paper ballots.

State & Local

Trump’s attacks on vote-by-mail worry some election officials

Amid concerns that partisan debate around voting by mail could sow doubt in the results of the presidential election, states and counties can rein in confusion and assist voters participating in a new, unfamiliar process.

State & Local

States begin prep for mail-in voting in presidential election

A pivot to voting by mail could strain state resources and disenfranchise certain voters if not handled properly, but fully integrating an elevated vote-by-mail system takes years and a large investment.

State & Local

Coronavirus could get U.S. to vote by mail

Election officials are working with state health agencies to remind voters of their no-excuse absentee ballot alternative as the pandemic tests administration of the primaries.

Confusion reigned in Iowa caucus -- even before the chaotic results

While Iowans had access to more caucusing locations, confusion about the system kept some from being counted and left advocates for the disability community frustrated with remaining barriers.


Court stops Georgia from using ‘grossly outdated’ election equipment in 2020

The court also ordered the state to develop a contingency plan if its new equipment is not ready to be rolled out in time for the March 24 presidential primary.


Voting by phone is easy. But is it secure?

The dilemma for states that might consider voting by phone is the conflict between accessibility and security.


Mueller findings raise election hacking fears in states

While states try to boost their 2020 readiness, Mueller’s description of Russian interference is a reminder of the threat to the nation’s 8,000 election offices.

State & Local

Frequent shutdown threats prompt state and local safeguards

Cities and states enacting ordinances designed to protect federal workers and temporarily prop up federally funded programs.