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Michael Hardy

Technology journalist Michael Hardy is a former FCW editor.

Steve Jobs tributes reflect the spirit of innovation

The tributes that poured in from around the world reveal the impact he had on information technology and modern culture.

Social media can spread disaster misinformation like a wild fire

Social media tools can get the news on a disaster out fast, but the possibiity of inaccurate information calls their usefulness into question.

Emerging Tech

Wozniak: In designing technology, remember who is master

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak lays out principles for technology design.

GSA starts up the move toward electric cars

Administration puts 116 on the street; about a million more are expected by 2015.

Emerging Tech

Search for intelligent life falls victim to funding cuts

The SETI radio telescope array that was scanning the skies for signals from alien civilizations has stopped listening.


Gawker hack: Another glimpse into password practices

The recent hack of Gawker's sites has provided a new list of passwords for analysis.

On Thanksgiving, fed IT leaders count their blessings

We asked your colleagues what they're thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Federal pay raise challenged, but union head defends it

Colleen Kelley, president of a federal employee union, argues that federal salaries are not excessive.

Emerging Tech

How to become a mayor with shoe leather and a smart phone

Social media service Foursquare lets participants become "mayors" of places they visit frequently. But what is the point?

State & Local

Vampire killers under federal contract?

The U.S. Vampire Service stalks and exterminates fewer than 10 vampires a year, according to its site.


Hackers may have advanced evasion techniques

A Finnish security firm has discovered "Advanced Evasion Techniques" that may allow hackers to escape most common security systems.

Hunting moon rocks with a mobile phone

NASA and Gowalla have teamed up to create a scavenger hunt centered on NASA's facilities and Apollo moon rocks.

Emerging Tech

iCow app and methane belches

The State Department's Apps4Africa competition inspired tools for cattle farmers, government watchdogs and poor women facing pregnancy.

Emerging Tech

Solar power coming to the White House

President Barack Obama will begin showering with sun-heated water next year, as part of a solar energy project at the White House.

Cloud & Infrastructure

VA to bulk up its thin client use

The VA is planning to field thin clients in several hospitals and clinics.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Space travel does not always require warp-speed innovation

Space travel technology often moves in evolutionary steps, retaining what works even if it's obsolete.


Just how reliable are biometrics?

Biometric technologies seem like an ideal security solution, but a new report raises worrisome questions.

Do agencies still have year-end spending sprees?

We tried to find out what agencies are spending their year-end money on, but it might not work like that anymore.


Big Brother wants to surf the Net with you

The Obama administration wants Congress to require online services such as Facebook to ensure they can comply with wiretap orders.

Apple's iPad to soon face new rivals

RIM and other computer makers are close to releasing new tablet computers to challenge Apple's iPad.