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Michael Protos

Michael Protos is a web content editor with 1105 Government Information Group.
Cloud & Infrastructure

Why you should be wary of QR codes

The new rage in sharing information with mobile phone users poses some security threats.


Anonymous strikes San Francisco's BART after cell shutdown fiasco

The transportation system is under attack after officials shut down mobile phone service last week to disrupt a protest.

Before pat-downs, TSA tries 'chat-downs' in Boston

At Boston’s Logan International Airport, Transportation Security Administration officers are interviewing travelers to look for obviously nervous or anxious travelers, who might require additional security screening.


Human IED threat elicits DHS warning

Although the concept of a functional surgically implanted bomb sounds far-fetched, the Homeland Security Department isn't taking any chances and has issued a warning about the possible threat to air travelers.

State & Local

Texas tries again to criminalize some TSA pat-downs

The Lone Star state is close to putting restrictions on how and when TSA agents can conduct pat-downs when travelers can't or won't pass through security scanners.


Spoiler alert: Spy techniques dissect GOP presidential nominees

The facial analysis technology that helps the CIA and TSA identify threats helps political analysts predict presidential campaigns.

Data & Analytics

How budget cuts could rain on your picnic

NOAA needs another satellite in orbit to continue providing accurate long-range forecasts, but Congress has pegged the satellite’s funding for cuts.


When Bitcoin digital currency is stolen, who you gonna call?

The reported theft of thousands of Bitcoins raises questions about the digital currency’s security — not to mention its potentially serious economic flaws.

Internet-in-a-suitcase would give voice to censored protesters

A U.S. project would give protesters the ability to set up a mobile network when their country’s officials try to restrict free speech by shutting down Internet connections.


Digital currency makes cocaine and heroin deliveries as easy as Domino's

Two senators target Bitcoins, a form of digital currency, and Silk Road, a one-stop online shop for narcotics, in a letter to the attorney general and Drug Enforcement Administration.


Get through airport security in five seconds?

A new technology unveiled this week could let trusted travelers pass through a short scanning tunnel without shedding clothes and shoes.

State & Local

TSA might back down some on pat-downs

A Transportation Security Agency official told concerned travelers that the agency will consider options that would subject fewer travelers to hotly contested pat-downs.

State & Local

Are TSA pat-downs invasive maneuvers or 'freedom fondles'?

A spat between TSA and Texas legislature has thrust airport pat-downs into the spotlight once again, and the debate pits personal privacy against national security.

State & Local

New tornado-sensing radar could get warnings out faster

A network of radar-based sensors that deliver high-res imagery could help weather experts better predict impending tornadoes.