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Mike Cipriano

Mike Cipriano is a GCN editorial intern, and also writes occasionally for FCW. Connect with him on Twitter: @mikecip07.

NARA crowdsources video captioning

Amara allows individuals and organizations to add subtitles and captions to videos in dozens of languages.

State & Local

10 ways to improve spending transparency

Despite improvements in public spending transparency, states still need to make progress in making their data accessible, according to a report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

Data & Analytics

Satellite data could improve Air Quality Index

The University of Albany released a study demonstrating the potential socioeconomic benefits of combining satellite data and AirNow.

Data & Analytics

Coastal flooding challenge uses cross-agency data

NASA announced it will include a challenge focused on coastal flooding as part of its third annual International Space Apps Challenge

Cloud & Infrastructure

Public safety workers to get GIS tools and training

Esri and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation have joined forces to offer a virtual, cloud-based center to provide tools, resources and training for public safety agencies.

Treasury's Greenbook now available as e-book

With the e-book version of the Greenbook, Treasury joins the list of other agencies making the move to digital publications.

Data & Analytics

DARPA office to grow defense technologies with biology

DARPA's new Biological Technology Office will create defense technology at the intersection of biology and the other physical sciences.

State & Local

Simulation and Game Institute opens at GMU

George Mason University and Prince William County have opened the Simulation and Game Institute on the school's Prince William Campus to encourage entrepreneurship in serious gaming.

Penn State to auction its intellectual property online

Penn State will be the first university in the nation to directly oversee an online auction, where winners will receive licensing rights to patents derived from faculty research in the College of Engineering.

Data & Analytics

Crime center kit boosts predictive policing capabilities

The Real-Time Crime Center Starter Kit from Motorola integrates systems so that municipal police departments can improve their effectiveness.

IRS adds new features to mobile tax filing app, sees ROI

Taxpayers can now check the status of their federal income tax refund and request their tax return with the updated IRS2Go mobile application.

State & Local

Sensors, wireless tech protect police dogs from heat stroke

Law enforcement units will begin to use wireless technology to monitor the internal body temperature of K9s to protect them from heat-related conditions.

Data & Analytics

Social media flu tracker gets local filter

Researchers have developed an algorithm to help track local cases of influenza through social media.

Data & Analytics

Esri equips cities with climate change tools, analytics

The geospatial mapping software supplier launches a multifaceted program to support the White House’s Climate Data Initiative.

Challenges made easy: GSA offers crowdsourcing competition tool

GSA has developed a Web-based challenge-building tool to help agencies build their own external, public-facing crowdsourcing competitions.

Data & Analytics

Maryland Transit opts for video surveillance system

The MTA plans to install an advanced video surveillance program that is expected to improve security and cut costs.

Data & Analytics

What's next for predictive analytics?

Increasingly, the technology is being used for retention analysis, fraud detection, medical diagnosis and risk assessment in both the public and private sectors.

Data & Analytics

USGS to merge National Atlas and National Map programs

The National Atlas of the United States and the National Map will be combined into a single platform.

Survey: Organizations seek better data governance tools

A Rand Secure Data survey found that archiving, backup and ediscovery systems don't always meet expectations.

Agencies mobilize for offline field employees

The Department of Agriculture developed a collection of mobile solutions for field employees who work in offline environments.