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Kevin Mandia | IT security and the law

When it comes to electronic discovery in investigations, finding the right information can be time-consuming and detrimental to the organization being investigated. Security expert Kevin Mandia discusses how to anticipate and protect against future online attacks.

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NIC sponsors wiki on global disease

At the invitation of the National Intelligence Council, a group of graduate students have used their strategic intelligence class project to support and supplement the council's work on global disease.

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Estonia's online infrastructure takes a hit

The country of Estonia has been fending off a hacking assault in the past three weeks that senior technology officials there call a cyberattack launched by, or at least from, Russia.


Energy reports losing 1,400 laptops in six years

The Energy Department notified Congress yesterday that it has lost 1,415 laptop PCs over the past six years. DOE said none of the laptops contained classified data.

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Whose Tube? Not the DOD's

DOD cuts off access to 13 social Web sites, but does that leave soldiers out of touch?

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Markey to DOD: drop Web site blocks

Rep. Edward Markey questions the logic behind blocking military personnel from visiting, and 11 other popular sites.

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DOD blocks popular Internet sites

The Pentagon announced that access will be blocked to 13 'entertainment sites' on the Internet, to protect the availability of network resources for DOD activities.

DISA plugs into on-demand

With its novel pay-per-use deal, the agency finds a creative way to turn hardware into capacity.

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Army moves to contain, maybe kill, military blogs

The Army has issued revised regulations that set stringent new limits on soldiers' ability to participate in blogs and other Web services on the Internet.

Navy extends Alion contract for carrier work

The Navy has exercised an option year on a contract with Alion Science and Technology Corp. to provide services in support of the Program Executive Office for Aircraft Carriers.


The case of the missing e-mails

Congressional scrutiny of the White House's e-mail systems extends to agency archiving systems.


House committee targets RNC e-mail records

The House Judiciary Committee late Thursday sent a detailed request to the Republican National Committee asking for all e-mails that can be found on its servers generated by federal employees relating to the firing of several U.S. attorneys.

Waxman asks departments to preserve e-mail records

The brewing scandal over the firing and replacement of U.S. Attorneys by the Justice Department widened today, to include a broad swath of the executive branch.

Navy awards network-centric contract

The Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center has awarded a contract to Engineering Services Network.


NSA awards IT security training deal

National Security Agency and the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium will continue their partnership on the Certification and Accreditation Professional and Systems Security Certified Professional certificates.

House panel subpoenas AG records

The Attorney General Alberto Gonzales inquiry spills into cyberspace.


Protecting and sharing data

Experts discuss cross-domain intelligence swapping.


Paller: Security priorities set by shame, not risk

When it comes to prioritizing IT security solutions, "convenience trumps security, but embarrassment trumps convenience." That's the rule of thumb offered by Alan Paller, director of research at the SANS Institute.

Army shores up EM spectrum skills

Iraq fighting shows need for spectrum management on the ground.