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Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall is a freelance technology writer for GCN.
Emerging Tech

Using AI to recognize dangerous hailstorms

Weather researchers are using facial recognition technologies to analyze approaching storms to determine whether they are likely to produce damaging hail.

Emerging Tech

Where did that shot come from? Knowing is half the battle

Researchers are developing a program that uses microphones in protective headgear to analyze the direction of gunfire and send that info to a smartphone.

Data & Analytics

How predicting floods is like catching a baseball

Rather than trying to reproduce the complex calculations across the environmental factors involved in a flood event, researchers built a program that rapidly predicts the impacts of coastal flooding.


Can data-rich war games improve decisions?

The cloud-based, multiplayer game analyzes decision-making behaviors from choices made in thousands of games along with basic demographic information about participants.

Defense against deepfakes

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a machine learning algorithm that examines both metadata stored in the video’s header and the pixels in the video itself to learn to spot anomalies.


When ransomware strikes … negotiate?

Applying negotiation tactics to ransomware attacks can help organizations manipulate the situation before, during and after an attack.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Shenango: improving data center efficiency

The system detects when time-sensitive applications would benefit from more compute power and orchestrates the reallocation of packets across server cores.

Emerging Tech

Unlocking the black box of AI reasoning

Research with generative adversarial networks may explain how neural networks learn and make decisions.

Emerging Tech

Smartphones replicate 3D objects for virtual reality

Researchers have developed software for a standard smartphone that can create 3D images for augmented and virtual reality applications.

Deploying AI to protect power grids

The Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor can identify and divert hackers without human intervention.


A quantum response to next-gen cyber threats

Quantum Xchange sends quantum-generated cryptographic keys over fiber-optic cable to securely transfer critical data.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Army uses game theory to thwart cloud attacks

An algorithm assigns virtual machines to hypervisors in a way that minimizes the chances of rendering a highly secure client vulnerable to attack through a client with weaker security.

Emerging Tech

AI to the rescue for infrastructure

Artificial intelligence can be enlisted for prosaic chores like monitoring infrastructure that can save governments time and money.

Data & Analytics

Beagle sniffs out email scammers

By building visual representations of the connections in the data, Beagle makes it much easier to connect the dots and ultimately understand how scam networks operate.


Unmasking AI-assisted cyber attacks

Researchers are developing algorithms that can detect when malware uses adversarial machine learning to attack networks and evade detection.

Emerging Tech

Army researchers play 'Marco Polo' to locate personnel, robots

An algorithm analyzes received wireless signals to determine their direction of arrival even in obstacle-rich environments.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Sprocket kicks video processing into high gear

The video processing framework uses serverless cloud infrastructure to run tasks in parallel and reduce latency and cost.


Phishing protection boosts mobile security

The Lookout mobile security platform spots phishing attempts in emails, texts, social media posts, apps or websites.

Data & Analytics

A better eye in the sky

Geocoded, high-resolution imagery from aircraft cameras delivers critical details for responders.