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Paul Haskell-Dowland

Paul Haskell-Dowland is associate dean of computing and security at Edith Cowan University.

Holding the world to ransom: The top 5 most dangerous criminal organizations online right now

Ransomware attacks are growing exponentially in size and ransom demand, so understanding who these groups are and what they want is critical to taking them down.


Cyber Cold War? The US and Russia talk tough, but only diplomacy will ease the threat

Successfully stamping out international cyberattacks will be tremendously difficult, and it is only achievable with good diplomacy, trust, cooperation and communication.


A computer can guess more than 100,000,000,000 passwords per second. Still think yours is secure?

With cloud-based technology, cyber criminals can crack an eight-character password in under 12 minutes for as little as $25.

Emerging Tech

Aerial threat: Why drone hacking could be bad news for the military

Drones are relatively cheap technologies for military use, but they potentially leave open opportunities for cyber criminals and perhaps even cyber warfare.