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Paul McCloskey

Paul McCloskey is senior editor of GCN. A former editor-in-chief of both GCN and FCW, McCloskey was part of Federal Computer Week's founding editorial staff.

E-gov vs digital gov: What's the difference?

The term "electronic government" used to mean technology that supports public-facing websites, but now covers a range of innovation from open data to chatbots to the internet of things.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Digital gov finds its footing

Agencies are embracing a new generation of digital services, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and collaborative software development practices.

Data & Analytics

Agencies ‘flying blind’ without more data

A two-year analysis warns that policy makers lack the data to inform their responses to workforce changes caused by key technologies.

Data & Analytics

Boston takes on traffic by building better data, not more roads

The city is tapping into public, private and ride-sharing data to help it make better decisions, Boston CIO Jascha Franklin-Hodge says.

Data & Analytics

Can IT help cure the opioid crisis?

Government agencies and public health organizations are working to develop new tools to share pertinent health care data among providers and, in some cases, to predict the path of a user about to return to a life of opioid abuse.


Is it time for a U.S. (cyber) health service?

IT managers can improve data security by taking a page from how the health care community prevents, tracks down and resolves public health problems.

NASA to explore bots for business processes

Using software bots to automate routine but costly tasks that workers often perform manually, NASA can save thousands of costly government man-hours.

Emerging Tech

What’s AI, and what’s not

There about as many definitions of artificial intelligence as there are researchers developing the technology.


Decision makers: Get your war game on

With today’s war games, teams with competing interests get a chance to practice the coordination and collaboration they need to meet changes with effective response.

Data & Analytics

The infrastructure of things

Could Trump's promise to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure translate into smarter cities and better broadband?

State & Local

UX testing that works

Civic-minded technologists in Chicago have built a user experience testing group that delivers targeted testers to app developers and lifts the tech skills of city residents.

Building bots for government IT

Agencies stand to reap considerable savings by replacing repetitive tasks of medium complexity with robotics process automation.

State & Local

Cities get business trends insights from online permitting apps

Open Counter’s tools are set up to guide license seekers through the complexities of opening a business, but they are also generating data that is giving cities insights into their local economies.

State & Local

Washington overhauls job-matching site

Artificial intelligence and semantic technology from Monster Government Solutions help automate parts of the decision-making process.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Workforce management: Not just payroll data anymore

Today’s solutions ease management of compliance, staffing and pay schedules, especially when regulations change.

Data & Analytics

Data analytics takes on workforce optimization

With budgets getting tighter, agencies are digging into their data to forecast workforce trends and improve decision making.

Emerging Tech

Countdown starts for space-based cloud storage

SpaceBelt, a satellite-based data center network infrastructure, proposes to circumvent terrestrial network logjams, evade hackers and cut data security and management costs.

Cloud & Infrastructure

The case for disappearing desktops

Workspace-as-a-service platforms that incorporate desktop virtualization features are among the latest technologies to support the burgeoning government mobile workforce.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Colorado consolidates data on child care programs

Colorado’s Office of Early Childhood has gone to the cloud for tools to improve the quality rating system for child care and early education programs across the state.

Keeping mobile employees on track

Agencies must not only authenticate users and track their devices and locations, but also give their teleworkers the skills and workflows they need to leverage the technology.