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Paul Parker

Paul Parker is chief technologist – Federal and National Government, SolarWinds.

Managing BYOD's second act

Although most of the focus of bring-your-own-device policies has been on security, agencies must also ensure their networks continue to operate efficiently in the midst of the growing mobile use.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Hybrid IT: Minimizing the need to choose while maximizing monitoring capabilities

Although adopting a hybrid IT approach relieves administrators from having to choose between private or public clouds, an abundance of decisions remain.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Software-defined storage positions agencies for modernization

As government enterprise networks grow in size and complexity, software-defined storage can help agencies better handle data growth.


Bridging federal IT’s knowledge gap

Continual communication about strategy and goals along with frequent training will help IT staff understand their agency's primary objectives and how best to meet them.


Finding the balance between modernization and security

Centralized, deep network monitoring of the server and application footprints can help agencies ensure seamless and safe modernization.


Network security: Age matters less than maturity

Network administrators must ensure that their infrastructures are mature enough to handle the latest threat as well as rapidly changing security requirements.

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How agencies can improve the reliability of cloud-based email

Applying standard network monitoring solutions and strategies to their email platforms will give IT managers better insight into the performance of cloud email servers.

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Three ways to relieve hybrid IT stress

Rigorous testing, continuous education and visibility into hybrid-cloud environments can help IT managers breathe easier.