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Peter Buxbaum

Peter Buxbaum is a special contributor to Defense Systems.

DOD wants apps up to speed

Despite hardware advances, complex code and heavy traffic put a drag on systems.


DOD's open challenge

Programs take advantage of open technologies, but department needs to develop policies on use.

Radio coverage

IP network, built to protect Iraqi elections, now covers convoys.

Navy raising CANES in system migration

The Navy adopts SOA approach in move to enterprise services system.

Air Force wants to reuse software components

A new software acquisition and development program is focusing on boosting efficiency and decreasing lifecycle costs for the Air Force.

Technology seen limiting data interoperability

Technology is 'the critical limiting factor" to achieving the Pentagon's goal of enterprise-wide data interoperability, according to an interagency study.

Cloud & Infrastructure

DOD calls on General Dynamics for VOIP deal

DOD has awarded a contract to General Dynamics Network Systems to design and install voice-over-IP for its Renovation and Construction program office.


How to read signs of safe software

Microsoft, industry group wrestle with metrics for software assurance and how to set priorities.


All for one, but not one for all

NSA finds automated vulnerability testing requires the whole toolbox.


'Tiger team' to test foreign software

The Pentagon is fielding a task force charged with testing software developed overseas.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Air Force Explores the Next Frontier

The Cyber Command plans to move beyond the idea of cyberspace 'as network operations, information operations or use of the Internet as an enabler for military operations in physical domains,' according to Lt. Gen. Robert Elder.

Net-Centric changes on the horizon?

New leadership, troop build-up could hinder modernization programs.

Defense Travel System under review

Congress has reservations about system's cost, efficiency.

Net-Centricity aims for the tactical edge

Battlefield needs will be the system's next challenge.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Air Force, Army portal elements may merge

Elements of the Air Force portal may be combined with features of Army Knowledge Online as DOD migrates towards a Defense-wide information gateway.

DOD looks to extend its delivery service

System consolidation to help track supplies to the front lines

Admirals: DOD logistics need to modernize more quickly

Military logisticians aiming to serve warfighter requirements had better discard a supply-chain mentality.

Senators to DOD: Pull the plug on DTS

Senators continued attacks on the Defense Travel System for cost overruns, lack of user acceptance and poor performance, and threatened to terminate the program.

Cloud & Infrastructure

DOD needs its networks to be unconventional to fight terrorism

'You need a network to defeat a network.' The concept is key to winning against al-Qaida, according to Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, director of operations, J-3 of the Joint Staff.