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Shourjya Mookerjee

Associate Editor, GCN

Shourjya Mookerjee is an associate editor for GCN. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, and has written for Vox Media, Fandom and a number of capital-area news outlets. He can be reached at – or you can find him ranting about sports, cinematography and the importance of local journalism on Twitter @byShourjya.

Making the case for identity access management

Leadership buy-in and user-centric implementations will help ensure successful deployment of IAM solutions, one cyber expert says.


How volunteers help states shore up cybersecurity

Programs in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio bring in volunteer experts to conduct assessments and incident response for government systems.

Public Safety

State DOT gets new operations center

Nebraska’s new State Operations Center will provide motorists with more timely information on travel conditions.

Data & Analytics

State broadband map delivers granular connectivity data

Officials in New York can now use address-level data to better identify homes and businesses lacking access to affordable broadband.


Paying ransoms can lead to repeated attacks

Organizations that give in to ransomware demands were frequently victims of subsequent attacks -- often by the same threat actors demanding higher payments, a recent report found.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Mayors endorse emerging technologies at annual conference

City leaders staked out positions related to drones, public safety, broadband, renewable energy, blockchain technology and more at their 90th annual conference.

Emerging Tech

What’s next for EV charging

Wireless charging can reduce EV drivers’ range anxiety without adding physical infrastructure for plug-in chargers.


How to reframe the cybersecurity conversation for elected officials

Cybersecurity teams can use an emergency management framework to prepare elected officials to respond to and communicate about a cyber incident.

Data & Analytics

Data tools help root out social services fraud

Data modeling, analytics and visualizations are helping the Texas HHS inspector general detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse within state programs.

Emerging Tech

UAS network expands operational drone testing

In partnership with North Dakota's Vantis network, drone operators will test a number of use cases for beyond-visual-line-of-sight flights, ranging from search and rescue missions to small package delivery.

Data & Analytics

Connected vehicle, infrastructure data drives roadway safety

City planners will soon be able to share and validate digital models of traffic conditions with the help of an open-source tool that collects data from connected vehicles and infrastructure sensors.

Public Safety

Smart cameras automate recording, boost police transparency

Upgrades to cameras in New Hampshire’s State Police cruisers and officer uniforms will simplify camera recording duties and ease uploading footage to secure cloud storage.


Brush up on phishing detection to prevent ransomware

With ransomware commonly entering state and local IT networks through phishing emails, employees must learn to spot social engineering scams, a new report says.

Emerging Tech

Ransomware coming for IoT devices, researchers warn

In a demonstration project, researchers breached a networked IP camera and gained access to IT and operational technology infrastructure to plant ransomware executables.

Emerging Tech

Automated buses will still need skilled human operators

Even as buses incorporate more automated features, the complexity of driving near pedestrians and in changing weather will require trained human operators, a new report says.

Data & Analytics

Database for a secure EV battery supply chain

A new database aims to advance the adoption of zero-emission vehicles by providing information and data that inform the production of EV batteries and development of a secure domestic battery supply chain.

Public Safety

App eases public transit for blind riders

Waymap provides step-by-step audio instructions to blind commuters -- without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or cellular signals.

Data & Analytics

Graduation dashboard shows how education spending pays off

Utah’s State Auditor created a dashboard that shows historical graduation and spending rates per student to highlight differences in educational attainment.

Data & Analytics

Miami taps smart tech to verify commercial water use

The pilot program aims to identify meters that are not accurately tracking water use and help the county recover revenue lost to undercounting.