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Stephanie Kanowitz

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Stephanie Kanowitz is a freelance writer based in northern Virginia.
Cloud & Infrastructure

Why community digital equity discussions should be in person

More than 50 town halls addressing accessibility, affordability, devices and digital skills will help Iowa’s Department of Management ensure that all residents can participate in the digital economy.

Cloud & Infrastructure

One state’s grant management breakthrough

With the One Stop portal, organizations in Massachusetts can apply for economic development grants across three agencies, and grant administrators can more easily manage programs and ensure regional equity.

Data & Analytics

Protecting the data that makes cities smart

Ensuring the security and privacy of data generated by residents and internet-connected devices will allow cities to reap the benefits of innovation.

Emerging Tech

Blockchain offers secure, transparent platform for vital records

The distributed ledger technology can foster greater trust in data management than traditional systems, one expert says.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Government still wrestles with digital equity, accessibility

Agencies struggle to provide services for individuals with limited English, digital literacy issues and unreliable broadband or online access, a recent survey found.

Cloud & Infrastructure

With tablets, hybrid classes inmates prep for cloud jobs

Detainees at the District of Columbia’s Department of Corrections have become certified cloud practitioners, knowledge that upon release will provide a sustainable wage and may help fill the IT skills gap.


How data breaches lead to fraud risk

By understanding the type and severity of data breaches, agencies can see where they should focus their efforts to curb identity fraud and prevent further victimization.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Dig into feedback on digital services, experts advise

Whether from staff or residents, feedback can help agencies spot pain points and improve user experience.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How to build future-facing ERP

Thoroughly understanding the limitations of the legacy platform and mapping out the business case for replacing an enterprise resource planning system will help agencies build for the future instead of reconstructing the past.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Demand heats up for grants management solutions

With state and local entities having to track extraordinary numbers of grants, thanks to unprecedented amounts of pandemic-related federal funding, the search for software that can simplify grants management is on.

Data & Analytics

IoT network delivers real-time data on parking availability

Data from low-power internet-of-things sensors buried under 4,500 on-street parking spaces will help Arlington County better understand the feasibility of demand-based pricing for metered curb space.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How mainframe as a service eased end-of-life transitions

The cloud-based model allowed two Florida agencies time to better plan their systems modernization.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Private 5G takes stress off enterprise Wi-Fi

Besides enabling users to stay secure and connected as they travel across campus, Cal Poly’s private network allows for dynamic bandwidth customization, ensuring availability at peak times and scaling back at others.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Tech disruption powers smart city expansion

Cloud, inexpensive sensors and low-powered wide-area networks are giving smaller cities a way to build real solutions for both staff and residents.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Contact center modernization boosts satisfaction for city residents, staff

With more calls coming into its legacy social services help lines, New York City turned to a cloud-based platform that reduced the number of dropped calls and gave agents easy, digital access to essential customer information.

Public Safety

What responders really want from their tech

Communications technology is going to sit on the shelf if it’s not reliable, interoperable and user friendly.

Cloud & Infrastructure

AI-powered career recommendation engine delivers more job options

MD Job Genie uses artificial intelligence to analyze an individual’s specific skills and work history and identify matches—even in a different industry.

Cloud & Infrastructure

‘Shark Tank’ for state agency IT modernization

Technology modernization funding programs are delivering quick wins to agencies with compelling business cases.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Smart infrastructure bolsters energy conservation

But cities need to provide incentives for all players in the energy management ecosystem.

Emerging Tech

When data science shortcuts are a bad idea

Auto-ML can help non-data scientists write programs, but the resulting applications may be flawed, biased or useless, an expert says. Still, agencies can minimize risk and optimize the use of citizen data scientists.