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Susan Miller

Executive Editor, GCN

Susan Miller is executive editor at GCN. Over a career spent in tech media, Miller has worked in editorial, print production and online, starting on the copy desk at IDG’s ComputerWorld, moving to print production for Federal Computer Week and later managing content and production for all the 1105 Media's government-focused websites. Miller shifted back to editorial in 2012, when she began working with GCN. Connect with Susan at or @sjaymiller.
Emerging Tech

Better mental health treatments with synthetic patient data

Synthetic data will allow the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to research mental health treatments without exposing patients' identity.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Georgia moves voter registration to cloud

The Georgia Registered Voter Information System will be housed on FedRAMP-authorized Salesforce servers and give election officials a more secure and user-friendly system.

Data & Analytics

Sparse eviction data challenges Wyoming's rental assistance programs

A records management system upgrade that paused eviction data collection may have contributed to ignorance about the scope of the state's housing problems.

Emerging Tech

Can blockchain tokens drive smarter commuting choices?

A gamified app that rewards commuters with blockchain tokens for smart transit choices may encourage users to reserve parking spaces or take public transit.

Emerging Tech

IARPA's SMART e-PANTS to design responsive clothing

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants electronic components it can stitch into textiles that will adapt to changes in the external environment or user input.

Emerging Tech

Alexa, Webex headed to the moon

Custom-built versions of Amazon's Alexa digital voice assistant and Cisco's Webex video collaboration software will be tested on NASA's unmanned Orion spacecraft as it travels to the moon and back.


Cyber vulnerabilities could impact municipal finance

Municipal bond credit analysts consider governments unprepared for cyberattacks, a recent survey says.


Powering up red team operations

Because it takes a red team so much time and subject matter expertise to build a test infrastructure that emulates sophisticated threats and evades detection, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency wants to automate some of that work.

Data & Analytics

The unrealized promise in COVID apps

Digital vaccine credentials and exposure notification apps could dramatically streamline public health processes, but their effectiveness in practice so far remains limited.

Data & Analytics

GAO: Justice needs better use-of-force data

The Department of Justice has work to do on collecting and reporting use-of-force data from the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Data center backlash in Arizona town

Once happy to attract data center operators, officials in Chandler now say the data centers have not created enough high-quality jobs, use too much water and electricity and produce a constant hum that disturbs residents living nearby.

Emerging Tech

DARPA seeks ‘top chef’ for 3D printed food

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants ideas for turning cellular biomass into safe, visually appealing, edible and palatable food that can support the military and civilians when traditional food is unavailable.

Emerging Tech

NIST calls for insights on emerging technologies

To ensure the U.S. can take full advantage of emerging technologies, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is asking input in eight areas so it can craft a strategy that fosters economic growth and competitiveness.


Mississippi launches digital driver’s license

State residents can now store a digitized version of their driver’s license on their smartphone.

Emerging Tech

Machine learning spots language disparities to improve COVID-19 tracing

Thanks to researchers at Stanford University, public health officials in Stata Clara County, California, can better predict individual’s language needs, helping contact tracers resolve cases faster.

Data & Analytics

California faces challenges tracking COVID testing, vaccination data

The state’s Department of Human Resources said 66% of the state’s employees have provided proof they are vaccinated, but only half of 59,000 unvaccinated state employees were being tested as required.

Data & Analytics

Sharpening the focus for smartphone-based evidence

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a system that provides a faster way for people to share selected phone data with law enforcement, potentially speeding investigations.


Joint cyber advisory issued for water treatment facilities

To help water and wastewater utilities protect their IT and operational technology systems from cyberattack, the FBI, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, Environmental Protection Agency and National Security Agency have outlined steps facilities can to take steps to defend themselves.

State & Local

Pennsylvania builds high-speed data lane along turnpike

The roadside fiber-optic network will allow the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to upgrade its communications capacity, prepare for smart safety and mobility technology and make broadband available to underserved areas.

Data & Analytics

Ohio builds sentencing database

The Ohio Sentencing Data Platform is a searchable website of sentencing data to guide judges and court staff on sentencing decisions.